Origin Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Here is a company that has established itself in the vaping world: Origin Vape from New York City, NY. While you can’t always trust a vaping company to produce authentic goods, honor warranties, or answer their phones, Origin Vape is a trusted ECig Forum supplier and a founding member of Vaping Underground.

OriginVape.comOrigin Vape Review

Use this website at any stage in your vaping experience. They carry customizable starter kits plus intermediate and complicated gear, both mechanical and electronic. Generally, products listed at Origin are affordable and only clones of high-end mechanical gear are featured. They do not sell $200 mechanical mods from the Philippines.

Starting Out

First of all, choose your starting kit from three options, all of them starting with an Evod/eGo-T 1100-mAh battery. Add to this a charger and either the Smok Aro tank, Mini Protank III, or a Smok Micro ADCII Tank. The price is either going to be $14.97 or $19.97.

This is a really good beginning with solid hardware and a battery that will maintain a day’s worth of power before charging overnight. Replacement batteries start at an amazingly low $9.99 for Kanger-brand products. Origin lists a number of Kanger tanks too.

I am impressed that Origin Vape kindly offers a true beginners’ kit, automatically opening their doors to really new vapers. Their price for a starter kit is also remarkably low in keeping with what appears to be a general policy of accessible pricing.

Taking the Next Step

Vapers with a little more experience like to upgrade to variable voltage devices. Choose the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 for $46.99 with an iClear 30 included. Folks: that is an excellent package deal. The EHPro Mars 35W 26650 mod is $79.99. An IPV 2S 60W mod goes for $124.99.

From 15 watts on the MVP to 60 watts on the IPV, their capacity gets higher as the price rises. Don’t move on to variable watt devices until you know why it matters to adjust watts and what resistance is all about. An IPV automatically reads the resistance of your coil and protects your battery/atomizer from a variety of problems which commonly assail mod users operating unprotected devices.

Unusual Choice

I have never seen the Smok Silenus on a list before. Costing $84.99, this is a tube covered in rosewood with variable watts/volts, an LED screen, and the classy look of a Christmas gift. SmokTech makes goods consumers can trust.

Mod Clones

As I said, there are no top-flight authentic, serialized mechanical mods at Origin Vape. Buy a Cartel Boss for $39.99, White Pegasus for $46.99, a Brass Nemesis for $29.99, a Dark Knight Sir Lancelot priced $44.99, or one of the others. None of them costs more than $70 but they all sound formidable.

RBA and RDA Clones

The same goes for RDAs and RBAs: no authentic, serialized metal here. Origin Vape focuses on supply excellent clones by companies like Tobeco with their Orchid, the Pontus, Taifun GS, AIOS, and Holmes. These are for regularly people who happen to be advanced vapers.

More Stuff

A list of accessories offers 10 drip tips starting at $1.49: a refreshing change from the oodles of $15 drip tips I have seen on websites recently. Select a colorful offering in acrylic or aluminum. A Full Copper Drip Tip sells for $5.99.

Long E-Liquid List

There are several names here: Hostile Vapes, Cold Fusion, Fog’s Brew, and B.R.V. among them. B.R.V. stands for Bottle Ready to Vape. They make 4 styles of e-juice such as Air Pear and Care Package (tropical cream). All of their profits go towards supporting male and female vets or those in active service to quit smoking.

Monies raised pay for starter kits which their organization gives to vets or sends to those on duty in foreign locations. Many vapers would be happy to pay more than $17.76 for 30mls when they are used to shelling out $22 for top-shelf profit-makers.

Fog’s Brew comes in 3 flavors. Each 30-ml bottle is priced $19.99. Styles are Tree of Eden Apple (apple crepe), Tropical Fog, and Tree of Fog (a tree fruit vape).

More Details about Origin Vape

Peruse their website more closely and you find many other interesting features, like a section for weekly deals. Find out what you could be missing every so often. Go to their contact section and discover that the management is happy to talk to people over the phone. Owners of e cig companies like this one feel your frustration as you wait for response to an email. At Origin Vape, you can talk to an actual person.