Simply Vapour

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

A family-owned business has opened in Maplewood, Minnesota, this time with a tasty twist. Simply Vapour is an e-liquid shop producing vapor juice for wholesale customers only. Their liquids are USA-made using USP-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, no diacetyl, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

Their flavors are approved by the FDA. Simply Vapour sells their liquids in 7ml, 15ml, or 30ml bottles and up to 2.4% nicotine. Here is a Simply Vapour review to whet your appetite.

SimplyVapour.comBeverages, Specialty Flavors, Fruits, and Tobacco

Those are the flavor headings to choose from at Simply Vapour. Birch Beer tastes something like root beer with a twist of wintergreen. Banana Colada takes over where pina colada left off. Try Pomegranate Mist if you like a touch of fizz in your fruit juice.

Tobaccos include Lasso (bold cowboy style), Red (medium body and lightly sweet), or Honey Blunt (smoky and sweet).

Apple Cider is a version of that favorite autumn drink. Mpls Mist is a bit like the Pomegranate Mist: sweet with a hint of spritzer, but take out the bubbles. Consumers compare it to Sierra Mist. Love Potion combines citrus flavors into a drink mixture. There are loads of others, with an evolving menu of tastes to watch out for, so pay attention.

Add a Flavor Shot

Customers can also order shots of flavor in 7-ml bottles without nicotine. Use them to provide new dimensions to existing e-liquids you are blending in your own FDA-approved clean room or lab. They include Banana, Kool Wisp, Cream, and Menthol.

Where to Buy Simply Vapour E-Liquids

The family behind Simply Vapour does not sell their juices from a Maplewood retail store or even online. Only distributors buy their juice. You have to find out who these are: not hard since the website for Simply Vapour lists all of their vendors which include numerous tobacconists in the area amounting to 70+ vendors in the Twin Cities region.

More about Simply Vapour

Simply Vapour was co-founded by Susan Sindt who has gone online to introduce their products and also to demonstrate how to use an e-cig. Her post is a handy one to watch if you are unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes and what it looks like to fill your clearomizer.

Simply Vapour is on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Customers will also find a few reviews on Youtube. Though their juices blend propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin as suggested in the description of their e-liquids, they won’t say how much of each is in a liquid. There is more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin: that’s all you are allowed to know.

More from Simply Vapour

For some reason, lots of vapers like to wear clothing with the logos of e-liquid or e-cig stores on it. Simply Vapour has produced a beautifully modeled line of printed clothing for vapers available on their website.

Pros and Cons

There isn’t much to say about service since only distributors know what it’s like to work with Simply Vapour. The fact that so many companies choose to carry their e-liquid implies that they insist on high-quality products at low prices. Customers to these smoke shops must be fond of the stuff too. There isn’t quite enough detail here about the firm or their laboratory, but their Facebook page is great for customer-vendor interaction.