South Beach Smoke

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It gets boring visiting your e-cig store and seeing all the same stuff in the catalogue without anything new: no additional flavors, no extra power, nothing. There are changes at South Beach Smoke, good ones which do not alter the South Beach Smoke e-cig at all. They give more control to vapers who want additional flavors, and have even added an upgraded eGo style e-cig to their line-up!

SBS Classic TobaccoSouth Beach Smoke Flavors

Maybe “change” is the wrong word: addition would be better. South Beach Smoke is now selling e-liquid. They are now selling Vapor Zone liquids.

South Beach Smoke and Vapor Zone are owned by the same parent company so they are essentially siblings, and siblings are supposed to share. Flavors include Blueberry Cheesecake, Fruity Hookah (watermelon and grape), Strawberry Chill (with menthol), and Amaretto Truffle.

South Beach Smoke Review: New Look

To South Beach Smoke customers accustomed to their choices of first 10 — and now 16 — pre-filled cartridges, the idea of filling their cartridges with e-liquid is exciting. So, where are the blanks?

Actually, there are no blank cartridges in the analog style available here. South Beach Smoke skipped to clearomizers. If you are going to buy e-liquid, it will be to fill these little items, sold in packs of three for $14.99 (excellent pricing, by the way). They are called Mini Clear Cartomizers.

You might also want to upgrade from the usual e-cig battery to an Air Mini, Standard, or High Capacity Battery with an Air Tank. Is this the same as a Vapor Zone Air eGo style e-cig? There are similarities, but the 350mAh, flat-design Air does not come in 650mAh and 900mAh like this one does.

Starter Kits

Beginners usually start with a package of parts like the Deluxe Starter Kit for $59.99.

SBS Deluxe Starter Kit

This ensures they do not forget an essential piece and end up paying extra to buy it separately. The Deluxe Kit comes with a standard and an extra-capacity battery, chargers, and ten cartridges, so value is good.

The Deluxe Plus costs $89.99 for these items plus a power cigarette, car charger, and a carry case:

SBS Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

If you are unfamiliar with power cigs, they plug into a USB port directly, thus requiring no battery. They are great for conserving battery power if you work at your computer and vape at the same time.

Add $70 and receive a third battery (extra-capacity), a PCC, lanyard, and 10 more cartridges. Yes: this is worth the extra $70. The PCC alone costs anything from $25 to $40.

SBS Portable Charging Case

A Couples Kit doubles the Deluxe for only $109.99 with the addition of two car adaptors. Finally, the cheapest package is a Reusable Express Kit. Costing $21.99, it’s among the most reasonable of these kits with two cartridges, one battery, and a USB charger.

Performance from the South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

South Beach Smoke has credibility behind it, having been around since 2010. That is not eons but long enough in a young industry. It is popular and the vapor flavors are often authentic and smooth. You can’t say too much about cigalike flavors except that some come close to the real thing. Throat hit isn’t the best, but if you go for high nicotine it will serve, while vapor production is okay.

But now that you can order eGo e-cigs from South Beach Smoke, there is a way to continue enjoying their wonderful service and credibility: move on to the Air and enjoy better flavor, a huge flavor selection (endless actually), more vapor, greater throat hit, and longer sessions before charging.