Space Jam E-Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There is almost nothing Space Jam can do wrong now in their present position. Their full name is Space Jam Robo Fuel, but the vaping community knows them by “Space Jam” and knows them well. Most companies that pride themselves on selling only the best e-liquids carry Space Jam. Even a lot of companies carrying mixed-quality juices opt to sell Space Jam. Space Jam Robe Fuel was founded on November 11, 2011. Since then the company has become an e-liquid legend.

spacejamjuice.comSpace Jam E-Juice Review: Website Disaster

Whoever developed the website for Space Jam E-Juice, however, needs to be launched into space and left there. It is horrible; one of the worst you could stumble upon. I am not even sure if it has a purpose. Maybe if you open an account with them it works properly, but there seems little purpose for this site except to frustrate people until they turn to drink. E-juice is not the liquid I had in mind either.

Silver Lining

You can read a few things on this page and watch videos. See the team behind Space Jam whooping it up at a celebration of their recent success. The month of March was a record breaking month so they were rightfully proud and the mood was high.

Their juices are also up for an award in polls of 2014 e-liquids, namely Andromeda and Astro. If you like these liquids, find out how to support their pursuit of the prize. Visit them on Facebook: there is way more going on here than there is on the website. Unless you want to purchase a shirt or a beanie, there isn’t much else to do at the Space Jam online page anyway. Facebook is more fun, hosts prizes, and is a place to “chat” with the team and other fans about their products, vaping, website design, or whatever you like.

Space Jam Juice

Here are the 7 flavors currently available from Space Jam. Keep you eyes peeled for new flavors as they are always experimenting, but only bring out something new if it is excellent. The makers will start a rumor on Facebook if a new flavor is soon to be released.

Choose Starship 1, Pluto, Omega, Andromeda, Astro, Eclipse, or Galactica. Their price is usually $12 for 15 ml but since several retailers carry it, that price could go up or down. $12 is about what you would expect for high quality, small batch liquid: a lot of money if you are a regular vaper. They don’t tell you what goes into their e-liquid, but it tastes like the juice is worth your money.

As an aside, I’d like to draw your attention to nicotine. High-end juice is often only available in two, three, or perhaps four nicotine levels including zero. Space Jam comes in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg strengths per volume. That’s excellent news for people who want something stronger and for those looking for a slow detox from nicotine.

Eclipse by Space Jam

This is the first tobacco flavor at Space Jam Robo Fuel. Up until now, their mixers have focused on fruits or have incorporated some fruit into everything they have made. This one tastes like a nutty tobacco with custard one user wrote. Space Jam describes it as tobacco with salted cream.

Space Jam’s Andromeda

This is the original Space Jam flavor, and it’s a dark one. If you drink antioxidant juices for fun you will love the rich, dark flavors of pomegranate and blueberry. This is not the light and breezy tropical taste you get from Pluto.

Pluto E-Juice

If you were to order a bubblegum flavored e-liquid anywhere on the internet, the makers would probably pair it with fruit, typically watermelon. Pluto’s bubblegum and melon profile is similar but better.

Ride the Starship 1 at Space Jam Robo Fuel

Custard vapes have received a lot of publicity lately because of some informal competition between companies to create the best one. Each is a little different, featuring a different top or bottom note. Starship 1 changes the game plan entirely by adding kiwi to vanilla. It’s not the usual blend, but at Space Jam it works.

Battle-Juice Galactica

A champagne vape is difficult to get right because champagne has bubbles but doesn’t taste like ginger ale; is dry yet decadent at the same time. Strawberries take the edge off of champagne’s dryness in this celestial cocktail vape.

Omega and Astro

The last two vapes, true to form, are two more fruit styles by Space Jam. Omega blends spiced peaches with cream. Did your mom can peaches each summer and serve them with cinnamon and cream in the autumn when all the fresh fruit was gone? This is what you are supposed to get: cinnamon and other spices plus fresh peach.

Astro mixes apples with strawberries; dense, fibrous fruit with light, juicy berries. It’s a tart pairing, but light and refreshing too.

Space Jam Reviews

The great thing about looking for comments on Space Jam e-liquids is that many people have tried and passed comment on their liquids. You can see what consumers like and dislike by watching videos. They offer recommendations about steeping and make ecstatic faces over their favorites. If you are passionate about e-liquid this brand should go on your bucket list. Several vape lounges in Southern California carry it (Space Jam comes from Orange County). Numerous e-tailers list it. You can’t go wrong unless you were relying on their website, but the less said about that the better.