Steam Factory E Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Successful partnerships and family businesses have given rise to many of the industry’s finest e juices, internet e cig companies, and other companies relating to electronic cigarettes. It’s not unique, but always lovely to see that people who care about each other can work together, contributing their respective talents towards the good of a team. That’s what happened at Steam Factory E Juice when a husband and wife put their heads together to launch a business in 2013.

Beautiful Partnership

They created great e liquid, at least as far as the general public is concerned. If the relationship has been volatile or genius has risen out of conflict, no one would know. Their products routinely receive applause for being tasty and fruity, not bitter. They enjoy kudos from the vaping community, both professionals and customers.

Steam Factory Review: Four Flavors

In this marriage, there are four offspring, each one given a unique name as though to ensure there would not be other children at school with the same names. These children are Blue Ballz, Castaway, Kizmet, and Screwberry. If these were real kids, they would legally change their names as soon as possible. Since they are e liquids, these names should stay so that shoppers looking for one of them will always end up with a Steam Factory juice. Each name possesses a unique, unforgettable ring.

Blue Ballz

Let’s take this name for starters. It is probably responsible for a painful-looking image in your mind right now. Clear your mind of eye-watering ideas and think for a minute about other blue balls: blueberries. Ripe berries and an undercurrent of banana make this a champion vape. The berries are sweet like jam. Vapor, throat hit, and flavor are all excellent.

Castaway, Not Lost at Sea

Take a break by setting yourself adrift at sea, figuratively speaking, and becoming a Castaway. You don’t need to steep this e liquid or any of the other Steam Factory juices. Each one is ready straight out of the bottle; yet, if you steep them the balance of flavors changes.

For example, this tropical blend contains peach, orange, cream, and custard depending on your palate; maybe all three. Straight from the bottle you might not detect the peach as strongly as you would after opening it and giving the juice a couple of days to age. Steam Factory’s customers used their Castaway e liquid right out of the packet without trouble or complaint. Besides, if you’re the only one on your island, who’s there to hear you whine?


This is a green apple and pear blend, ripe and tangy according to e juice vendors. There haven’t been a lot of comments about it, but ratings are solid so far. Apple brings out the dense, sweet qualities of its orchard cousin.


This one always gets a lot of attention and is understandably the topic of many puns. The berry in question is a strawberry, in this case blended with the kind of fizz that puts you in mind of champagne.

Steamy Summary

Steam Factory E Juice is made in the United States and sold in the US by numerous vendors. You will find it at Mojo Vapes, Generation V, The Vape Unit, and Litecig. VixenVapors and Vaping Craze also sell it. A 30-ml bottle typically costs $22 and you can have 0, 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine per ml.