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By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

San Diego, California, is home to many vape shops: you can take your pick. Shop online or walk into a store. Cross the street to visit another one. Lots of choice is good for shoppers; they can take their business wherever the vibe is warmest, selection is best, and prices are competitive. You should like Sun Vapers for all of these reasons. They’ve got a great selection of products, a great online shopping setup, and are highly rated by their customers. Their shop is located in the suburban city of Santee.

Sun-Vapers.comDevices at Sun Vapers

Sun Vapers carries just about all of the high-end, advanced electronic cigarettes by Innokin. Anyone new to this industry should realize that APVs by Innokin (and most e-cigs sold by general retailers) are not the 180mAh units you are first introduced to at gas stations.

These cost more than mini cigs and they do more for you. Purchase an Innokin MVP, the regular box mod, Version 2.0 for $59.99. Pay just $10 extra for the MVP Energy. This is a more colorful, designer version of the same device. Other Innokin products include the 134 Mini and SVD.

Smok TDUX 3.0 mods sell here plus T-Dux atomizers and coils. A Kanger Evod is available in multiple bright colors as part of a starter kit.

Starter Kits: Sun Vapers Review

A starter kit meets the new vaper when his resolve is not set: when he could be swayed in favor of vapor cigs by a good experience or turned off of them by a cheap, inferior model. When you shop at Sun Vapers, you get quality goods — items that will convince you vaping can be easy, fun, and affordable.

You are given two Kanger choices: the blister kit for $17 with one full e-cig and a USB charger or a full kit. The latter costing $29.99 contains two clearos and two batteries (both Evods) as well as a USB charger and an AC adapter.

Several Innokin devices are also sold as starter kits such as the VTR and the MVP.

Other Vaping Gear

All the while you could be asking yourself if Kanger, SmokTech, and Innokin are the only names in this business. Does anyone else make batteries or clearomizers? Absolutely: there are several names, but the ones chosen by a company are indicators of their interest in quality. At Sun Vapers they only want to carry the best goods, and the brands in their catalogue fit that bill.

Choose Aspire Tanks like the ET-S or Nautilus, plus coils and replacement glass for the day when they need repairing. These are good products because you don’t have to throw out all parts when one piece wears out. Glass of the ET-S is priced $7.99. Add a Smok TDUX 30 plus coils and atomizers. Buy a Kanger Aerotank or Mini Protank II, both excellent models which serve their purpose for many vaping sessions before replacements are called for.

Certain atomizers in this business are costly. They were designed to be rebuilt, to produce the best vapor and flavor, for using with mechanical mods, and designed to last for a long time. Their materials are premium, and a premium price is attached to them.

While a number of firms carry a huge assortment of high-cost atties, either clones or authentic mods and sometimes a mix of both, Sun Vapers takes a minimalist approach. They sell a few rebuildable atomizers, all of them authentic. Their most expensive atomizer is a Magma RBA by Paradigm Modz for $115. Choose the Tugboat RBA by Flawless and pay a little less: just $79.99. You’ll feel like the Youde IGO-W dual coil dripper for $15.99 is a steal after prices like those. Sun Vapers also carries replacement parts to help you do the work of rebuilding.

Extra Bits

As you become more involved in vaping, there are plenty of ways to spend money. Purchase the Aerotank and one day you might need a new base, sold here along with things like beauty rings. These enhance the look of your vaping device only, not performance. Select chargers like the XTAR VP2 and batteries. Upgrade from a regular eGo battery to a Vision Spinner II ($32.99) before even contemplating all of the high-tech gear mentioned before now. A Spinner lets you learn how changing the voltage output from your battery affects the way your vapor tastes, its warmth, and the clouds you can produce.

E-Liquid: the Better Sort

The owners of Sun Vapers support the locals, choosing California vape juice brands to sell on their site and at their shop. These and other high-priced liquids and popular makes include Sirius Vapors, Blueprint, Drakes Vapes, Five Pawns, Space Jam, Jackson’s, and The Standard. Add a few others to the menu and you have enough companies and enough styles of e-liquid to cover all your vaping needs from tobacco and menthol to creamy custard, and all stops in between.

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