Totally Wicked

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

What Is Totally Wicked?

Totally Wicked in an electronic cigarette brand that offers electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, cartomizers, drip tips and many other similar products. Totally Wicked is not a regular e-cig brand that offers its own products. It rather offers products from other popular e-cig brands, in addition to its own. The electronic cigarette starter kits for example available at Totally Wicked have a lot of variety and starter kits include Tornado eGo-C, Variable Voltage devices, Joyetech products and Totally Wicked’s own starter kits.

Vapor Volume

The vapor or smoke volume depends on the e-cig you have. For instance, if you get the Variable Voltage devices, you can control the voltage flow that goes in the device and adjust the vapor volume accordingly.

Battery Life

The battery life of Totally Wicked e-cigs depends on the battery your device is powered with. Users who get batteries with a power of 1300 mAH will be able to enjoy 8-10 hours of consistent electronic smoking without having to recharge their electronic cigarettes again. On the other hand, a 650 – 1000 mAH battery will give you 5-7 hours of battery life, depending on your usage.


Totally Wicked offers quality e-liquid in four different flavors. Users can make their own mix of e-liquid by picking the nicotine strength, flavors and diluents. The flavors available are:

  • Titan Fluid
  • Red Label
  • Patriot Range
  • Original E-liquid

In addition to picking the flavors, users can also pick the nicotine strength (from zero to high).

E-Cig Design

At Totally Wicked, the design of the electronic cigarettes varies as it ultimately depends on which product you get. The Odyssey e-cigs are classily designed while the Joyetech cigarettes are sleek. Since there is a lot of variety available in starter kits and electronic cigarettes at Totally Wicked, users can skim through the products available to find one that suits their needs and satisfies their preference criteria.


In addition to starter kits, disposable e-cigs and cigars and e-liquid, users can also get cartomizer kits, adaptors and drip tips, coil tanks, e-pipes and other e-cig related products.