Triangle Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Once in a while I realize that a big, busy, colorful website, however disorganized, has its charms. Placed next to this dismal offering at Triangle Vape those chaotic websites glow with promise and enthusiasm. The site for Triangle Vape makes me wonder what their purpose is and what got them started.

It couldn’t have been anything personal, or if there is a story behind the company, they chose not to share it. Even website design is impersonal. At first, I thought this was a Chinese wholesale company.

TriangleVape.comTriangle Vape Review

I love it when the e cig business is about something more than money. At Triangle Vape, I get the feeling that business comes first. And I should give the company praise for not overloading me with information and graphics (or color and happiness).

They categorize products a bit too loosely for my liking with all devices under a single heading (“devices” appropriately enough) whether they are eGos, mechanical mods, or APVs. E liquid gets a separate heading. You can choose products by brand if you want, though, and that removes some of the work of wading through products to find what I want.

Devices at Triangle Vape

Not only is everything stuffed beneath one heading, but it is listed alphabetically. As a result, entries are disorganized and confusing. I wanted to see what types of mods they carried but I wound up looking at all kinds of things: authentic, limited-edition mechanical mods, RDAs, variable voltage batteries, and more.

A tip to Triangle Vape would be to further distinguish between APVs, mechanical devices, and mere batteries. A starter kit wouldn’t be a bad idea either but not essential. Most vendors carry a couple at least, often just blister packs.

Advanced vapers will find the Armada for $220, Double D Parallel Box Mod for $75, and Dynast 26650 for $40. An EMAX eGo VV/VW battery was priced $21 while the iHybrid Pure 18490 was $85. They had the Totem for $170 and Sigelei Telescopic Mod #8 for $24. It is a mish-mash, as you can see.

Rebuildable Atomizers

A standard and familiar selection fills this heading. You can find virtually any type of AGA atomizer: T2, T4, T5, T7, and TD, priced $15 to $28. Igo devices included the W, W14, and W3 in various sizes for $10 to $30.

A Prometheus rebuildable is listed here: the real thing for $60. An RSBT, the more affordable option, is $29.

Drip Tips

I often find that drip tips are an after-thought, but owners of Triangle Vape think a lot about this one small detail. Their menu includes Aero, Chronos, Tuner, Smok, and other drip tips. Some are purely functional and many are lovely. Loads of colors and shapes are represented. Pay from $5 to $13 for one.

Triangle Vape AccessoriesAccessories for Serious Vapers

An all-purpose e cig shop is distinguished by its accessories and parts. Where a few companies carry mostly just the good stuff such as mods, possibly some coil and atomizer heads, all-purpose companies carry a catalogue of tubes, tanks, clips, and more. Triangle Vape is an all-rounder.

E Liquids at Triangle Vape

Does this company carry the e liquid you like best? If not, contact them to find out about liquids. Brands such as Sinister Liquid and Juice Maniac sell for various prices determined by brand and bottle size. They have lots. According to their band list, Triangle Vape carries some of the most popular.

Overall Impressions of Triangle Vape

Triangle Vape is located in Clayton, North Carolina, which is about all I know about them. As noted above, they don’t lay down a personal presence; a marker to distinguish them, such as really friendly service or a dramatic tale of life reclaimed from slavery to cigarettes. The company offers multiple contact routes: email, phone, online email, and an address.

Brands are the sorts to flood you with relief: Youde, Smok, EFest, etc. With names like that on the roster, you know products will provide quality. They aren’t items off the back of someone’s truck stamped “Triangle Vape” but clearly not in good shape when seen up close.

I appreciate the mix of prices and varieties at Triangle Vape. They cater to a big selection of people. Their focus, however, is vapers beyond early cigs. Their EMAX eGo and VV/VW battery are two of the least-complicated units available. Most items tend to be mods, whether made in small expensive batches or mass manufactured. I can’t see a theme and no real preference. As I say, the owner has not stamped the store with his mark.