True North Tonics

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Set your compass to “North” for this latest e juice review. I think the brand comes from Washington State, but even if they don’t, the company seems to have an affinity with this region of the country.

A photo on their website shows a young girl on a boat in the northwest Pacific. The logo for True North Tonics depicts a compass pointing north. I don’t think they come from California even though most of the vendors shown on their website are based in that southern state.

TrueNorthTonics.comTrue North Tonics Beginnings

For more than two decades, one of this company’s founders was a smoker. Then another of its co-founders got to thinking about the cartridges going into this ex-smoker’s e cigs. He had an idea which turned into a line of e liquid. Today they make 7 flavors, all of their names relating to the nautical theme which honors a family of fishermen and reflects tremendous respect for the sea.

The makers of True North Tonics respect the real-shopping format and prefer this over internet shopping. They think customers should be able to find their e liquids in a store where the clerk can talk a little about the juice and other aspects of vaping.

This is in line with a sense of community which comes across strongly in much of the writing about electronic cigarettes. Vapers have formed a tight-knit community, in large part because they are common allies against regulatory threats to this life-saving hobby for ex-smokers.

Methods: True North Tonics Review

Each True North Tonics juice is bottled in 15-ml glass vessels and mixed in small batches by a biochemist. They use USP, kosher, non-GMO, food-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Their nicotine is USP as well. Flavorings are natural and artificial, sourced from the USA and Italy, but most ingredients they use come from California.

You can rely on True North Tonics to be transparent and careful about what they mix and how they do things. The presence of a biochemist on their team is likely to increase their chance of survival when the FDA puts the squeeze on small companies around the country.

Flavors at True North Tonics

The 7 flavors are Even Keel, Fathom, Main Sail, Sounding Seas, Spinnaker, Windward, and Zephyr. Even Keel, their first flavor, is a pomegranate vape. A mix of dark berries becomes the smooth Fathom. Set your Main Sail to green tea, herbs, apple, and a light tropical breeze. Choose one of 5 strengths from 0-nicotine to 2.4%.

A floral kiwi blend was entitled Spinnaker. Sounding Seas are made up of a mixture of cucumber and citrus. Head Windward with heirloom English tea roses and honeysuckle. Last of all is Zephyr: melon.

Of all these, the most intriguing are those with floral notes. Spinnaker is vaguely floral so you will have to think about it, wander through a garden center, visit an estate with an English garden and sniff around. The notes for Windward are specific, containing not just the scent and taste of roses but of a particular type.

The very fact that flowers and herbs find their way into vapor juice is interesting in itself with the predominance of candy and dessert vapes. These make me think of refreshing hot and cold teas, but also of travel. I would feel as though sea currents were taking me somewhere foreign, exotic, and aromatic while vaping True North Tonics.





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