V2 Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

I kept hearing about this brand “V2,” so I did some research, and it appears people are giving them very high ratings.  I dove into this to see why this was the case.  Here’s my thoughts on what people are calling “America’s Best Selling E-Cig Brand.”

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V2 Cigs is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes brand. At V2’s site, users can buy electronic cigarettes and other electronic cigarettes related products at affordable prices.

Starter Kits

V2 offers four different starter kits. All are available for below $50 and include all the items you need to get started on electronic smoking. They have a starter kit to meet the requirements of all kinds of users.

  • Power Cig: For those who want to stay away from the hassles of charging and want a more user friendly product
  • Express Kit: Most suitable for new users
  • Economy Kit: For mid-level users; should be purchased by those who are familiar with electronic cigarette smoking and want a complete starter kit
  • Standard Kit: Has all the items you need for a perfect electronic cigarette experience


V2’s electronic cigarettes come equipped with automatic and manual batteries. Both are equipped to provide users with 6-8 hours of consistent electronic smoking before they will be prompted to charge their batteries again. Users can also buy additional batteries from the company’s website in order to ensure that they never run out of charged batteries.


V2 Cigs offers plenty of flavors in which users can choose their cartridges in. The most popular flavors include:

  • Red: A typical and all American tobacco blend. Will be loved by those who like hard tobacco
  • Congress: Tobacco flavor with a middle eastern blend
  • Menthol: For those who love menthol and mint
  • Grapes: For people who enjoy a sweet taste


V2 Cigs also offers plenty of accessories to go with the electronic cigarettes. There are a few very useful accessories that users should consider buying in order to enhance their electronic cigarette smoking experience. These include:

  • Portable charging case: This will charge your e-cigs whenever you are on the go and haven’t had the time to charge them at home
  • Metal carry case: For carrying your e-cigarettes in a stylish manner
  • Bracelet + Charms: For ladies who want to add an extra bling to their electrionic cigarettes