Vape Up

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Since Vapes Up​ or Vape Up, as they are otherwise known, is located in Chula Vista, California, they could have been called “Surf’s Up.” This company is riding the wave of electronic cigarette popularity, particularly the popularity of mechanical mods. When you read their website catalogue, you will know what I mean.

vapeupusa.comVapes Up​​ Review

It’s interesting to note that customer service is excellent and ratings for Vape Up​ are high. I did not see any references to condescending employees. If any such comments were ever posted, they have been drowned out by praise. I would not be surprised to see some of those types of comments about this shop since they specialize in selling authentic mechanical mods, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Small Shop, Big Mods

The shop is reputedly very small, yet the mods featured online alone number 28. They range in price from about $150 to almost $250. Names like Akuma by GP Customs, the Assets Hybrid by Jemet, and Beast Mod should give you an idea of what I mean. They carry the Tahiti Mod by CP Customs and a Diablo Hybrid, but not a single variable voltage APV or ordinary e cig is listed on the web page.

Atomizers on the Expensive Side

Their atomizer section is much the same: 18 atomizers such as the Crown Atty, Cryptex RBA, Dominator, and Omega. Again, there aren’t any low-cost atomizers in this selection. You never see a clone on their website either. If a device has been listed, the name you see is the real McCoy. You will receive a serialized item.

Accessories for Vapers

For Drip Tips your lowest point is $7.95, the price of a Love Bunny. The highest price tag is $34.95, referring to a Dynasty Drip Tip. Tons of companies can fill this void if you are looking for $2 or $3 acrylic tips. Vapes Up​ specializes in a big way.

E-liquids are also top class, premium juices like 51.50, Five Pawns and Five Pawns Castle Long, Modder’s Choice, Royal Indulgence, and Jet Fuel. They carry Suicide Bunny, Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice, and Jackson’s (listed here as Jameson’s Irish Vapor, so I really hope those outdated pictures don’t represent the products they carry since it’s been too long for anyone to carry the old label anymore; any such bottles of e liquid would be well out of date). Those are a few e liquids from a big menu.

Other accessories are atomizer caps (lots of those), a car caddy for carrying mods around while you are driving, a single mod holder, and a vaping bag. They carry wick and wire too.

At the Shop

Customers absolutely love this shop. Products are high-brow, but the people who run it are ordinary people. They keep the store well stocked with great products but at good prices, and I am not just referring to the mechanical mods listed above. They have got other things in the store which, though too small for a vapor lounge, is really well loaded with selection.

They carry the Vivi Nova, eVic, eGos, clearomizers, and they run a tasting bar. Again, if they carry JoyeTech, etc., it’s the real thing, not some clone made to look like a JoyeTech electronic cigarette. This company has a reputation, so I can’t see them ruining it by selling cheap APV’s alongside authentic mechanical mods.

Customers receive a friendly greeting when they enter the store. They feel good about visiting this Chula Vista shop, knowing the business is not there to rip them off. Employees are excellent: full of knowledge about the topic of e cigs, relaxed without being lazy, and patient to help clients make decisions. Customers don’t feel rushed to pick a product so staff can reach a quota.

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