By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

VaperCaper is the brainchild of a UK chef who brings his culinary understanding to the art of making e-liquid. This is always a relief since there are numerous e-liquid companies out there run by individuals who only know vaping from the business end and have no background in mixology, not even as chemists or bartenders. Take a look at this VaperCaper review and find out what they have to offer. Cigarettes for all Levels

What level of vaper must you be to shop here? You can start from anywhere as long as you aren’t looking for cigalikes. Otherwise, choose an eGo device and a suitable clearomizer. Experience advanced vaping benefits with an APV. Jump forward to a mechanical device if you are ready to use one responsibly and safely.

Brands sold at VaperCaper include AnyVape (their BDC David tank), Aspire, Innokin (the MVP, 134, SVD, and more), and Erlkonigin. This last product is a German atomizer. VaperCaper also carries parts to rebuild it. Choose a simple but effective Kanger Evod set up.

Right now, the Erlkonigin comes with a plastic tank. VaperCaper’s owner laments this fact and is eager to bring in a glass replacement since (as he puts it) many of his juices are “tank crackers.”

Vaper Caper e liquidE-Liquid at VaperCaper

You can choose from 22 flavors, all of them made in the UK from UK-sourced ingredients. VaperCaper doesn’t indicate whether all ingredients (including nicotine) come from the UK, nor am I aware of a tobacco plantation on the British Isles. But with climate change, who knows? Nicotine levels are 12, 18, and 24 mg per ml of e-liquid.

Wizard’s Leaf is a straight tobacco. Rhubarb Coulis is a reminder of the owner’s culinary background. I’ve never seen a “coulis” e-juice before.

If you enjoy anise, Goop includes some plus licorice, blackcurrant, tangerine, and other flavors. I thought anise was the licorice flavoring, but I could be wrong. Mrs. B’s Custard isn’t named for anyone in particular and tastes like a regular vanilla custard. Trust a chef to get it right.

The price for e-juice is £4.49 per 10 ml, but if you buy 3 bottles of the same flavor the cost comes down a little bit.

Very Interesting Extras

The blog at VaperCaper is interesting and well-written; a bit like one of those satirical yet informed and intelligent magazines one would read in the UK. A glossary plus explanatory notes regarding the Erlkonigin are very helpful. For instance, you will learn why this mod is worth so much money (and, by the way, it’s overpriced no matter what, but only on a par with just about every bit of e cig gear around).

The Erlkonigin Atomizer is easy to fill unlike some unwieldy customers. It boasts a big tank and uses all of the juice without wasting any of it. Besides, the Erlkonigin is German and, as we all know, German manufacture cannot be beaten. Your atomizer could be handed down through the family for generations.

VaperCaper Overall

The website is easy to use. There are enough products to keep the average vaper interested without being overwhelming. VaperCaper has accessories and parts. Happy customers won’t have any reason to look elsewhere.