Vaper’s Corner

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vaper’s Corner is a brand of e cig with some new twists on familiar ideas. Notice the tube-cig which looks like a 510 by JoyeTech or some such but is quite different. In the following Vaper’s Corner review, you will learn more about their electronics and e juices.

VapersCorner.comHardware for the Executive in Your Life

The Executive is a tube mod. Whereas the usual cigarette-like device is comprised of an atomized cartridge and a battery, the battery slides into a tube which then connects to the cartomizer. The Vaper’s Corner Executive uses a 360-mAh, 3.7-volt battery.

Buy the starter kit for $59.95 which comes with an atomizer cover, cigarette body with a ball-bearing battery cover, 2 atomizer heads, 3 empty cartridges, 2 mouthpiece covers, and 2 soft cover caps.

That’s a lot of gear. Apparently the nicotine comes through strongly, so keep that in mind if you are a light smoker. Replacement batteries cost $6.95.

VC5-T: Mini Tank

This is the tank version of Vaper’s Corner e cigs, the newer model of their original design. It’s got a longer-lasting tank and a 180-mAh battery, so this is the one that looks most like a real cigarette. The kit contains two batteries, two tanks and two tips, a charging kit, and 5 ml of USA Mix e juice. Pay $59.95.

New vapers should try this one first. $59.95 is not the best price, but their blank cartomizers can be filled with juice from many different brands. The 5-ml bottle of e liquid is comparable to 5 cartomizers except that you don’t throw those little tanks out in the end.

Buy Battery Replacements

To replace the VC5 battery, you pay $12.95 and choose manual or automatic. VCT Batteries cost $16.95: these are 650-mAh, half-day batteries. A PCC for the VC5 costs less than the batteries: just $9.95.

Vaper’s Corner E Juice Liquid

Every 10-ml bottle is priced just $4.99. There are 32 of them including USA Mix, My7 Tobacco, 3&5 Tobacco, Wensten Tobacco, and a few other tobaccos. The website lacks descriptions and in many cases this is no problem, but a few of the products could do with some explanation. Tobacco vapers will be grateful of the selection here.

Other styles include Cola, Cream, Banana, Bubble Gum, and Fruit Punch. Select 0, 1.1%, 1.8%, or 2.4% nicotine strength which does not sound like that much, but as mentioned above, throat hit is considered heavy.

The Vaper’s Corner Reputation

So far the company has a decent reputation, but that is based on old versions of the e cig and outdated reports of the brand. It is not easy to find unbiased ratings which are dated after early 2013 from sites apart from the Vaper’s Corner website. On their site the company claims to have a failure rating of less than 1%.

If that is so, they easily beat many smokeless cigarette companies. The differences between their products would benefit from further explanation or a comparison chart. They look so similar in their photos which are not exceptional. Overall, their web page would benefit from a professional overhaul.

Vaper’s Corner suffers from lack of advertising, but not from bad advertising. While I was frustrated not to find more discussion about the brand online, I was equally relieved to see there were no complaints; that this brand from Lee’s Summit (near Kansas City, Missouri) did not lead me to online scam alerts or rip-off reports.