Vapor Couture

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Even before e-cigs came along, women — and even some men — were choosing slim cigarettes over regular analogs because they liked they way they felt in their hands. They were classy. Nothing else was different about them except size. They tasted the same, but burned up faster. Vapor Couture draws on the image of a slim cigarette with an electronic device from the makers of V2 Cigs.

VC E-CigThe Look of Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture cigs are not for vaping when you are wearing your painting clothes. They are best saved for a night at a refined restaurant or a fancy evening of some kind.

The colors were chosen to match your best clothes and latest hair color, not your ripped jeans. Colors are deep purple, signature, rose gold, and platinum. Each e-cig’s LED flashes through a crystal tip so it has the bling effect.

Disposables are just as beautiful to look at. You might think a throw-away item would be ordinary in appearance, but not in this case. Maybe good looks are an incentive to recycle your old disposables at the nearest battery recycling bin you can find.

The battery is 83mm long: that is longer than a standard battery, but some long batteries are around 110mm, so the length is not silly. It will still feel right between your first and middle fingers if you want a brand to offer the authentic experience of analogs. You just won’t be fooling anyone with the colors.

Vapor Couture Review: Starting Out

Disposables make a useful starting point, but what then? Do you keep on spending wads of money on those and creating extra waste unnecessarily? A better choice would be to purchase a starter kit.

Pictured is the Passport Kit:


VC Passport Kit

The cheapest from a selection of 5 costs $41.46 while the most expensive is $207.51. A good in-between model costs $67.41. L’Essentiel Kit contains two batteries, a charging kit, ten cartridges, and lots of choices. Your flavors do not dictate the colors of cartridges you receive and they can match the battery or not. Select two 5-packs of cartridges, from no nicotine to 1.8%, in any of the four colors assigned to batteries.

Extra Accessories

When you read about other brands of e-cigs and look up accessories, carry cases are part of your search, but so are drip tips, chargers, extra batteries, and so on. At Vapor Couture, accessories mean things like handbags and jewelry.


Both the Maximale Kit and Passeport Kit contain a metal carry case with a sliding lid that is compartmentalized to hold your cartridges and batteries. With a mirror inside, you won’t need your usual compact.

VC charging case & batteries

The Maximale Kit adds one more accessory: a clutch purse with a removable strap. Wear it on your shoulder, hold a hand strap, or carry it under your arm.

Flavors at Vapor Couture

Flavors are pretty thin on the ground at Vapor Couture with just 6 and only up to 1.8% nicotine. Select from two tobacco, two menthol, and two fruit choices, all of them in pre-filled cartridges.

Vapor Couture does not sell blanks or e-liquid and the blanks at V2 Cigs do not work with Vapor Couture e-cigs. This is the biggest drawback for e-cig users who will quickly grow out of Arctic Mint, Strawberry Champagne, and Rodeo Drive, no matter how great vapor volume is.