By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The name “Vapor Zone” is being phased out. Slowly, the website will show the changes in their advertising and photography. Everything you have come to love about Vapor Zone will still exist; their products are not being phased out, just the name. Vapor Zone will now be known as Vaporfi. Whatever was missing will still be absent, such as disposable e cigs.

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Why the Change of Name

Vapor Zone’s owners did not feel their name reflected their intentions, quality, or possibilities very well. It was one thing to get into a Zone; quite another to be committed to something beyond what other vapor companies were producing.

In their announcement of the name change, they refer to the word “fidelity,” which means faithfulness or accuracy according to the dictionary. They aim to announce via their name that Vaporfi wants to be faithful to the ideal of creating products that closely simulate the smoking experience, while also suggesting that they aim to faithfully fulfill their customers’ expectations of quality.

vaporfi.comA Vaporfi Review is Nothing New

So, whatever you believe about Vapor Zone is true of Vaporfi. They still carry modern and innovative e cig designs with 7 starter kits in 5 distinct types, plus the Jet battery and tank unit sold separately. They still carry inexpensive e liquid, with emphasis on customers choosing personal blends.

The company continues to satisfy customers over the internet, to serve them at brick-and-mortar stores, and to open more stores regularly. Customer Service representatives still make a great name for their company in the vaping industry.

Locations for Vaporfi

So far the company has opened 8 full-service stores and several Express locations, most of them in Florida, with shops in Missouri, North and South Carolina, Wyoming, and Illinois as well. New stores are coming to Florida plus one each in Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. Every time you visit the website, there appears to be another new store about to open. Fall is when the latest offerings will welcome new customers.

The Jet: Not Forgotten but Almost Gone

Jet starter kits once came with chargers, a battery, and a tank, but this unit has been broken up. Now they are sold as individual pieces and only Jet parts fit with each other. This uses a triangular battery unit so unusual in the market place. Its LED screen displays puffs and battery percentage.

Special chargers and atomizer replacements are available. I can’t help but wonder if, like the original company name, the Jet will also be phased out as surplus to requirement. Although the Jet is funky, the Pro is Vaporfi’s most popular product and satisfies the power profile desired while the Pulse possesses a screen and offers a sleeker appearance.

VaporFi Pro3 Pro Starter Kits

Three Pro starter kits took over one place vacated by the Jet. There is the Pro Black, Pro Colors, and Pro Platinum. For the most part they are the same bar their looks, with the biggest difference being that a Pro Platinum is fitted with a bigger clearomizer than the other two. Two battery sizes are available.

Pulse and Rebel

These advanced models have screens and long-lasting batteries. They are both referred to as futuristic: the Pulse for its wireless circular charger; the Rebel because of its silver, telescopic exterior against which the blue LED screen appears surreal. They are both slick machines, but the Rebel is Vaporfi’s most powerful mod.

Catching Air

While most vapor pens are cylindrical, a few items take on irregular shapes such as the Air by Vaporfi. It is a flattened cylinder, more extreme than an ellipse. Only the cartomizer and battery fit with each other and can contain no more e liquid than a pre-filled cartomizer for the Express, but the battery is capable of 350 mAh. This is almost as discrete as an Express.

Choose the Express

It’s the last — but not the least — of Vaporfi’s products. Their Express does for Vaporfi clients what a Green Smoke ecig, Volt, or Volcano Magma does for those company’s clients: it replaces a cigarette with something very close to it. When it comes to fidelity, this is Vaporfi’s effort at creating a device so much like a cigarette that customers will fool themselves.

E Liquid at Vaporfi

Vapor juice has often been the notorious part of the company’s menu. Thanks to some controversial advertising, most of America knows that with combinations between e liquid flavors there are more than 30,000 possibilities.

Flavors on their menu contain up to 36 mg of nicotine per volume and include lots of choices. Tobacco styles resemble classic American brands, Camels, and Hookah-type vapor. They have dessert offering such as a new Banana Split e juice. Fruits like Appletini, Watermelon Wave, and Tropical Guava might make you think differently about fruit e juices. Menthol Ice is super cool, but Peppermint Patty has that Christmassy layer to it.

Other sorts of nicotine juices resemble hazelnut or favorite drinks such as root beer and double espresso. Some are obvious choices for a blend such as cheesecake with fruit or marshmallow with chocolate. Get creative, even daring.

It’s so ironic that there are just 5 flavors of pre-filled cartomizers: vanilla, menthol, cherry, tobacco, and chocolate. It is also ironic that these cost as much for 5 as e liquids cost for 30 ml: $14.99.

Vaporfi Forecast

Vapor Zone rapidly rose through the ranks of e cigarette companies for several reasons. Their e liquid was one. Having the choice of so many types of e cigs under one company umbrella was another. Now clients can become affiliates of a company that sells something all of their vaping friends can use: newbies, those with more confidence, and advanced vapers; customers with a little bit of money and those with plenty to spend on a quality device.

The affiliate scheme here is working well, while there are other ways to make vaping work for you such as referring friends to earn e cig rewards. If you haven’t got the money for e cigs but are interested in Vaporfi, drop heavy hints. A friend might buy you a gift card for your birthday.

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