By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It is incredibly difficult to learn about Vero E Cig when the internet wants to take you to Vero Beach in Florida. The brand was created by a company in Laguna Beach, California, way over on the other coastline. You might not have heard of them, but Vero was introduced in 2012.

Vero BBBBBB-Accredited

A lot of companies don’t bother with Better Business Bureau accreditation and plenty of them would receive awful review judging by the load of complaints they have received and ignored or dealt with poorly. Vero was accredited in 2014 and today has a rating of A-.

The one factor reducing their rating from an A or A+ is the fact that they were only introduced two years ago and accredited recently. They have received no complaints or reviews on the BBB website.

veroecig.comIn Development: Vero E Cig Review

Apparently, the makers of Vero developed their product with the support of consumers. They talked to 25,000 smokers to determine what they wanted from an electronic device and spent 4 years tweaking it until they felt sure it was the best they could make it.

At least that is their story. So far, it’s virtually impossible to find any customer opinions about the brand and there are no reviews either on their site or the BBB website.

Introductory Opportunity

To break through wariness about yet another brand of e cigs, Vero E Cigs has a special offer for new customers; a $9.95 starter kit. It comes with 1 battery, two cartridges, a USB charger, and five free replacement cartridges.

This is better than buying a disposable e cig because you can recharge the battery, but be careful when you head to the checkout. The company adds the monthly auto-shipment feature.

If you weren’t careful, this product would arrive at your door in a month’s time and your card would be charged, so just take this product off at the checkout. It’s not a scam and the price is fair, but the method lacks something to be desired.

Extra Vero kitAnother Starter Kit

Select another starter kit for $19.95 which comes with 1 battery, 1 mild tobacco, and 1 full tobacco cartridge plus a USB charger. This is the equivalent to their $9.95 special offer.

This second, $20 kit seems like a pointless listing: who needs a second 1-battery starter kit? Where is the 2-battery package? I guess if you used up your one-time offer and wished to surprise a friend with one, the regular price is okay, sitting as it does around the mid-point between the cheapest and dearest of similar items.

You can also buy a Deluxe Accessory Kit instead of picking up individual items. These are the wall charger, carry case, battery, and car charger. Batteries are priced $6.95 individually. Refill cartridges cost $14.95 for packs of 5. Batteries are cheap; cartridges are expensive. Choose Mild Menthol, Full Tobacco, Full Menthol, or Ultra Smooth.

Will Vero Manage to Attract an Audience?

There is already a glut of uninspiring cigalike companies in America with few accessories, only two types of flavors, and no stand-out feature. On the plus side, they do not try to appeal to young smokers or non-smokers (the latter group is drawn to vaping by its dessert and cocktail flavors). Their accessories (except for refills) are also inexpensive.

But until they flesh out their website, it is difficult to comment on the company or the product much further. Details missing (like more precise descriptions of batteries and flavors) are as important as the ones written about on their website.

I also think that with tobacco/menthol e cigs you need to present a disposable option. This is the way to get exposure and win a fan base: from spontaneous gas store purchases.


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