Via Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Via Vapor provides the pathway to vaping success with e cigs and e liquid sold at their Bentonville shop. This vaping company from Arizona is not online yet. They plan to be available online soon: the page is up but not active, so they should be securing online sales starting any day now.

Can you trust this company? Do they sell anything you have your eye on? Check them out on Facebook which is where most of the important information you need is posted.

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Why do I say this is a trusted e cig company? They have not been around very long, so perhaps I am jumping the gun a bit. But by putting two and two together anyone can see that, so far at least, there is nothing to say against them.

The Better Business Bureau gives this vaping firm an A- and only stopped short of an A or A+ because they started in 2013 and were just accredited in 2014. No complaints have been lodged against them so far. Simply signing up for accreditation is a sign that Via Vapor aims to be accountable. Many e cig companies do not bother.

Another reason I refer to this as a “trusted” company is their fan club on Facebook. Via Vapor has gathered an impressive number of “likes” and their page is active.

Products at Via Vapor

Without a website catalogue giving us deeper information, consumers must visit the shop in Bentonville, view their Facebook page, or call the owners for more information. Photos on Facebook help somewhat, though a number of them fail to show pertinent details. Still, you learn that they sell high class, expensive mods only designed for use by experienced vapers. They include the authentic Hana Modz which is sold in multiple colors, Turbo Mods (Smooth, Galileo), and the ingenious Innokin Cool Fire.

Check them out if you are interested in the Innokin iTaste EP, eSmart, or Innokin 134 Mini. Among tanks and atomizers there is the Nautilus, Kanger Aerotank, and RSST. The Cloupor Cloutank is a clue to one other direction Via Vapor is taking.

Crossover Company

If they carry the Cloupor Cloutank, this suggests Via Vapor might carry other devices commonly used by herbal, wax, and essential oil vapers. You could find a VV V3.0 from Innokin, vaping pens for herbs or waxes, and possibly even herbs and waxes. As far as e liquid, it is unclear what brands they carry, though I’m sure they’ve got some and lots of flavors. You will just have to phone the store, email, or drop by for a menu and to find out if they have top-class juices, vapor tasting, and high-vegetable glycerin e liquids for dripping.

More about the Company

Via Vapor is open Monday to Saturday, 11 to 8pm. Those are convenient hours, suitable for just about anyone visiting before a night shift or after a regular day shift. Facebook gives you access to competitions, a vaping community, and give-aways. Visit them there to find out when the website is due to be launched fully.