Villain Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Will the good people of Southern California ever run out of ideas for vaping blends? They seem to create something new, often original, and frequently popular about once a week. They could not do that if not for the popularity of vaping in the state and region, and community support for the best types of e liquid made in the United States. Nor could they succeed without the pioneering spirit of companies like Villain Vapors.

villainvapors.comVillain Vapors Legacy

They did not start the surge of new juice styles and companies, but the makers of Villain Vapors were among the early figures. Those flavors to be released in the beginning stopped short of the 12 seen today. Villain Vapors experts are always working on making something new; something great.

Bottles of Villain Vapors E Liquid

One of the startling things about Villain Vapors E Liquid is the bottle itself. Each one is labeled with an old Wild West Wanted poster, right down to the color of age and wear. On the poster, in place of a dollar value, customers are encouraged “Reward Yourself.” It’s like Villain Vapors is giving permission or something. Also on the bottle locate the nicotine value, warnings about kids and pets, and ingredients: USP propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavoring, and nicotine from the USA. Ask for as much as 1.8% nicotine.

E Liquid Flavors by Villain Vapors

One website attributed a flavor called Organic Drunk Pirate Pudding (alcohol-infused Christmas plum pudding) to Villain Vapors, but this is a Virgin Vapor creation.

The newest Villain Vapor flavor is Scoundrel. That could be any one of a number of figures from the Wild West, but in this case Scoundrel is a $14 bottle of liquid in a 15ml bottle. It tastes like cantaloupe and kiwi: juice, bold melon against tangy, refreshing kiwi.

Double Down offers you grape: a fruity, juicy style, not grape with other fruits or a grape hard candy or red/white wine. Peppermint lovers will enjoy Ante Up.

The real Doc Holiday might or might not have tasted a pineapple or visited the tropics, but the juice named for him contains tropical fruits among which guava and mango are noticeable. They are fruits you might come across during your own tropical holiday.

A Full House in the juice sense is not a hand of cards but a full dish of fruit and candy. Taste bubblegum, blueberry, and raspberry; enough sweet and tart flavor to wash out the smell, taste, and feel of sand and dirt from a cowboy’s mouth.

Villain Vapors continues to invoke the spirit of a Wild West Saloon where men took their lives in their hands when they played card games for money. There is honeydew with a light candy side in Pair of Deuces. The Villain Queen of Hearts is full of strawberry, cream, and vanilla, and she’s probably not sharing. It’s not the best flavor of Villain Vapors according to their fans.

Black Jack (black licorice) is the final game of cards; the gambling man’s last resort. Though darker than the rest, all of them sweeten the bitterness of dark days in American history.

Life ended early for men and women in those bad old days, but what a Tombstone has to do with menthol I have no idea. This menthol is fruity.

Dillinger gave rise to creamy caramel vanilla custard, and while Bonnie and Clyde came to a bad end, their e liquid is a good place for the ex-smoker to make a new start. Bonnie and Clyde is blended from blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

Finally, Billy the Kid was obviously old enough to drink. He liked Pina Coladas with extra coconut (or so the legend will go from now on, thanks to Villain Vapors).

Places to Find Villain Vapors

Southern Californians will find Villain Vapors more easily than most just by walking around from shop to shop. If you cannot get to California and have to shop for Villain Vapors online, Got Vapes, Juice Box Liquids, and Vape Life are helpful. You could also ask a local vape shop to carry Villain Vapors. The owner will know what you are talking about. The brand has been so successful it is almost mainstream juice, but not to the point that it ever loses its hand-made, carefully constructed flavor.

Uses for Social Media Go Both Ways

The internet is a tool Villain Vapors knows how to wield at least as well as Doc Holiday and Bonnie and Clyde knew how to shoot guns. In the hands of vape blenders, this is a tool for the betterment of vaping kind, however. Use their Facebook page as a way to find out what vape meets are coming up, not just to find Villain Vapors there but lots of other mixologists and e-cig companies with the newest mods. Villain Vapors uses this medium to keep in touch, run contests, and give away free e liquid now and then. Don’t be left behind. Log on and “like” them.