Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Regular cigarettes and e cigs are not all sold in the same places. Even though certain companies responsible for creating and marketing e cig brands also make and sell tobacco, they are very different. Where should a person go to buy e cigs, and how can you know if the website or store you chose is a good place to shop?

SBS Deluxe Starter KitElectronic Cigarette Starter Kits

A new vaper interested in starter kits should try online vendors. Many brands of e cigs like Halo, V2 Cigs, and South Beach Smoke only sell their starter packages from a proprietary website and nowhere else. No electronic cigarette retailer would bother with the average mini cig.

How do you light upon a particular brand when you are starting from a place of total ignorance?

Visit review pages where ratings are based on vapor production, cartridge flavors, battery power and consistency, and the value of accessories. While shopping for a brand means you are tied down to the company’s prices, it also provides the chance to qualify for reward or loyalty points or to become an affiliate, so vaping becomes cheaper eventually.

Buy Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposables are sold in more locations than any other product available to vapers. If you are not fussy about the brand you vape, corner stores, smoke shops, pharmacies, tattoo parlors, pubs, and liquor stores often carry individual disposable e cigs. Notice the mention of smoke shops: cigarette vendors are not afraid of competition from e cigs. They just sell both.

Brand-name mini cigs come in disposable formats from their main website. Some general e cig retailers also carry a selection of analog-style disposable e cigs and electronic cigars. The cheapest place to buy them is typically from a smoke shop, perhaps an online version, selling various models, flavors, sizes, and all at different prices. These include electronic hookah sticks too.

Variable Voltage E Cigs, Mods, and eGo Cigarettes

As vaping becomes a habit and you grow comfortable with the electronic routine of charging batteries, you will eventually develop a craving for greater power and more juice capacity. Ego cigarettes will satisfy this desire with larger batteries and capacious tanks capable of lasting a light smoker the entire day, and possibly two days on one charge, perhaps even one dose of juice. Variable voltage devices and mods take your yearning for clouds of vapor and enhanced flavor to another level for greater cost but more consistent and satisfying sessions.

Advanced devices make use of parts like Kanthal wire, atomizers and atomizer heads, wick, replacement tubes, and sometimes even smaller mechanical pieces. All of these parts must also be found when you get into the pleasurable hobby of vaping from personal vaporizers.

The two places to locate advanced e cigs and parts for them are from online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. While mini cigs from White Cloud et al were also available online, this time you are visiting stores not married to one brand or another. Their owners select models based on price, performance, and what their customers clamor for. The same is true of brick-and-mortar stores. Their stock often begins with juice and evolves from there. The hardware they carry is chosen to work well with their style of e-liquid.

Nicotine Juice for E Cigs

E-liquid can be purchased in much the same way: from online vendors and physical stores, but those shops will only sell items related to vaping. You cannot pick up e-liquid from a corner store, though replacement cartridges for mini cigs are sometimes stocked by multi-purpose stores. You just never know from one state or city to the next which brand of e cig will be stocked by a chain of corner stores.