By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The first company to sell monthly e liquid sample boxes was Zamplebox. The business has been joined in competition by several others since their warehouse opened in Redmond, Washington, and the system has undergone changes. It continues to undergo alterations as customers reflect on the good and bad, but mostly the good.

Any negatives are really a matter of tweaking the program and that isn’t a big deal. At the heart of their business are a good idea and a customer-oriented attitude. They regard their clients as “family.”

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What can be bad about getting a box of e liquids every month without having to think about anything, each bottle heavily discounted? There is the potential to receive 5 terrible bottles for every 1 good one, while even 3 out of 6 would feel like a waste. What does a person do with all of their unloved e liquid?

Positives outweigh the negatives, however. It’s an idea much like that of a monthly wine subscription. You would order red, white, or a mixture of red and white wines. You could specify a preference for French, Italian, or New World varietals.

E liquids are following a similar path, but with top-shelf American juice in the bottle. You can be sure of never receiving a bottle of Hangsen e liquid. Here is how the Zamplebox system works.

Subscription E Liquid

First, you go onto their website and indicate whether you like tobacco, menthol, both, or neither. There is a rumor that eventually the company will offer more precise flavor-choosing methods. Perhaps you will be able to choose fruits generally, desserts, or coffee vapes with the option to say you do not like chocolate or you really love vanilla perhaps). You will be asked to choose e liquid containing zero nicotine, 0.6%, 1.2%, or 1.8% nicotine.

A box of 6 contains from 60 ml to 100 ml for $24.99. A box of 11 contains from 120 ml to 180 ml for $44.99. Zamplebox can’t be more precise because bottling has not been standardized. Certain companies make unusual bottle sizes like 17 ml, some opt for 10 ml, and still others only bottle their liquids in 30-ml volumes. The price works out to less than 50 cents per milliliter.

Although you have arranged for monthly shipments and never know what you will receive, the contract is not binding. Just leave any time you like. Stick around for 1 month, 3 months, or a year: there are no penalties or sign up fees.

The company also asks if you are a new vaper, intermediate, or expert. Perhaps this influences the vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio. Many advanced vapers use RDAs, and dripping atomizers are excellent media for high-vegetable glycerin e liquids.

Name Dropper

The brands you will find online at ZampleBox include BluePrint, Jackson Vapor, Golden Drops, and NicQuid. They carry Omega Vape, Alpha Vape, The Standard, and Hurricane Vapor. Lick, Helios Vapor, Banzai, and the People’s Vape are just three more from a long list, but the list is not indiscriminate. According to ZampleBox, out of the hundreds of e liquids available to them, only 3% are selected. You might have seen the brands above sold by companies that only carry the best items in every category.

Perhaps a brand you like is not here either. That could mean they do not supply large enough volumes of e liquid to satisfy Zamplebox customer demand or that they simply are not to the taste of the people running Zamplebox. There is also the chance that they choose not to sign a contract to supply juices to Zamplebox or that they really are low-quality. You definitely won’t find Chinese juice on the their menu.

What’s the Catch?

Is ZampleBox not telling you something? Some reviewers suspect that some of the low-priced juice they receive has been knocked-down in price because they cannot sell it. These are flavors the maker experimented unsuccessfully with. The liquid might not be bad but simply not to your liking or the liking of countless other Americans. Like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. It could be one of those for which one must develop an acquired (and extremely unusual) taste. This is not a verified fact; just a suspicion some users have expressed.

While you might be uncomfortable with these random selections, receiving a surprise in the mail is one way to try e liquids that never appealed to you before. Suddenly there is this great new flavor; a wonderful eye opener and a new favorite, or at least something to add to your rotation. If not for the sample box you would have missed it.

What about E Liquid Savings?

Take a minute to reflect on the cost of high-end juices like The Standard and Omega. They typically sell for $12 or more per 15-ml bottle. That is nearly $1 per ml. Even if two or three of the bottles fail to tempt your taste buds, it is hard to lose with a deal where the price per ml is 45 cents. At worst, your overall cost returns to the retail price, you didn’t have to go shopping, and you have juice to give your friends. They’ll love you for it.

Other Monthly Multi-Box Companies

Vape Box, Easy Vape, and Drip Club are three of several companies muscling in on ZampleBox’s territory and sometimes stealing their customers. All of them, Zamplebox included, have something to offer. There’s room for multiple businesses of this kind. In answer to concerns about how random the selection process is at ZampleBox, all of the other companies provide customers the option to select preferred flavors beyond tobacco and menthol.

More from ZampleBox

Not to be outdone, Zamplebox also sells equipment to their clients. Their website lists a few pieces of hardware, all labeled “ZampleBox” right on the device, such as a mod, rebuildable atomizer, and a starter kit. I can’t say whether buying their gear is advisable: there are plenty of places to buy electronic devices while e liquid is the main gig here.