Portable Dry Herb and E Liquid Vaporizer Guide

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

An e cig is one thing: it will keep you going for 6 months to a year on a single battery and then you will need a replacement. Many consumers don’t wait that long to find out what it feels like to have more power and thicker vapor. They upgrade to a portable e liquid vaporizer. In essence, this is the same thing as a mini e cig like the Volt, Green Smoke, or the Volcano Magma. The difference is mostly power: you get more of it. As these devices become more advanced, they are also adjustable.

The Best Portable E Liquid Vaporizers

The one right answer to this question is that the best is what you find most convenient to use. It has to cost what you can afford, be simple to use, and look good in your eyes. Some vaporizers can be more minutely adjusted than others or display more data on their screens. But a lot of consumers aren’t interested in such details. They just want to vape, so the cost of those devices is frivolous to them. A simple Vision Spinner would suffice, or a Kanger Evod.

One way to make a list of potentially excellent units is to read reviews on websites. Find out what other vapers, including pundits, are saying about various products. A second method for discovering excellent brands is to survey several sites and simply tally how many times a brand and model turn up. As single items occur multiple times, you might ask yourself why. (See my picks for the top electronic cigarettes brands here).

There is no reason to pay $200 for a vaporizer to enjoy great performance. For that reason, forget limited edition mechanical mods and clones. All of the following products should provide a full day of vaping after a single charge.

Finally, remember that an e liquid vaporizer is a battery unit only. You must select devices and clearomizers or tanks that fit together, so check the threading. The following devices should fit high-quality products such as the Kanger Aerotank or Protank, the ViVi Nova, or an Aspire Nautilus with or without an adapter.

Provari by ProvapeThe Provari by Provape

This is one of the most popular e liquid vaporizers money can buy and, apparently, worth every dime. A significant draw is its pedigree: made in America. A microprocessor monitors battery temperature, something most e cigs don’t do. The threat is that a unit will be overused, the button depressed for too long, and your e cig will overheat. The Provari turns itself off if it detects too much heat.

Your e cig can be used with 18490/500 batteries or 18650 batteries by adding an extender. The Provari is self-calibrating so as to emit a regulated vapor volume throughout a battery’s charge: whether it just came off the charger or will soon need another boost of power. Adjust voltage from 2.9 volts to 6 volts by increments of 0.1.

Vamo V5The Vamo V5

This also comes with an OLED display, but it features a different battery formation. Choose a single 18350, two 18350s, or skip to an 18650 battery.

Both wattage and voltage are adjustable and the battery is protected. The Vamo V5 is an affordable, beloved product as established by the fact that this is version 5: the makers are constantly improving it.

Innokin iTaste VV V3.0

This is version 3 of Innokin’s pillar-shaped battery with a rounded top. Its distinctive shape offers modern appeal, but that’s aesthetics.

When it comes to performance, it might be small, but the iTaste VV V3.0 packs a punch. It uses lights to indicate battery level, counts the puffs you take, and offers pass-through functionality. Charge the battery and use it to vape all the while.

iTaste SVDInnokin iTaste SVD

It is fitting that two Innokin devices should make it to this list. Everywhere you turn, Innokin appears. Theirs are some of the best selling, most trusted e cigs available.

For $65, you receive an engraved, attractive unit of stainless steel capable of adjusting from 3 to 6 volts and 3 to15 watts. Elongate from mini configuration (900 mAh) to 1800 mAh or 2600 mAh (18650): full sized. It is solid; weighty in your hands.

The battery is protected against resistive load, overtime vaping (over-heating), short-circuiting, and reverse battery problems.


This is a popular Sigelei offering with an OLED screen and variable voltage/wattage. Like Innokin and Smok, this company makes affordable products.

It offers a maximum 4 amps, low-resistance protection, and uses one battery or two stacked (as seen in the Vamo).

Purchasing Vaporizers

The Provari can be purchased directly from Provape, but Sigelei and Innokin sell through distributors. That’s where the best prices are anyway.

The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

As I write this, more portable vaporizers are being developed and will soon be released to the public. The vaporizer industry is one of the fastest changing out there.

While frustrating for those readers who will buy something today only to find it superseded in just a few weeks, it is also exciting to be in the midst of so much change and innovation. Devices you can use today were not thought of a few years ago.

But there is something to be aware of when you go shopping: not all models are designed to vape the materials you want to vape. Some (including most portable and desktop units) work with dry herb only; in fact, most of the best units work with herbs, while there are some 3-in-1 products compatible with herbs, waxes, and e liquids. The price range for the highest-quality items is around $100 to $250. This article will concentrate on just a handful of them, most of which you have heard of. Their reputations precede them.

Pinnacle by VaporNationThe Pinnacle by VaporNation

This is a compact creature, which is easy to conceal and heats up in just 90 seconds. Fast and quiet, it allows one to vape discretely yet stylishly.

The Pinnacle features auto shut-off, 2 heat settings, and can be used with the addition of a water tool. That tool, say users, is what makes the Pinnacle work at its best. It also nearly doubles the price.

Even without a water tool, the Pinnacle is easy to use and generally effective, though the battery is a bit short-lived and the mouthpiece can get pretty hot. With the water tool, it could rival some of the $200+ models.

Iolite WisprIolite Wispr

You know how butane works if you were a smoker now hooked on vapor. A Zippo lighter uses it, and so does the Iolite Wispr.

It is just a notch better-rated than the original Iolite but just as funky and colorful; modern and light. The mouthpiece is flexible and soft making it comfortable in your mouth and bendable.

It folds right over into its own slot at the top of the little vented box. Each 500-mg tank of oil lasts about 30 minutes of average usage. The vapor is tasty and fairly thick for a discrete, portable vape.

Arizer Solo with bent glass mouthpieceArizer Solo

Arizer makes tabletop devices too such as the Extreme Q, but all of the high-quality craftsmanship used to develop those bigger machines is scaled down and utilized for their portable model too.

For $225, vapers receive one of the best machines around. The vapor pathway is glass to promote clean tasting draws.

That chamber is extra wide so heat gets around more herbs, offering up an exceptional aroma and efficiently heating materials.

Seven temperature settings allow the user to choose a level of heat that is just right for how much material is in the chamber or to customize heat according to experience with particular plants.

FireflyThe Glowing Firefly

For around $250, you could own another top-flight model: the Firefly. This is an all-in-one unit, the vapor pathway innovatively built in just by fitting two parts together: the cover and base.

A Firefly cover comes off easily (it’s only attached magnetically) to reveal an herb chamber underneath. Filling it is easy and so is cleaning it. The battery cover reveals removable batteries: something you must not take for granted.

Many portable herb vaporizers use built-in batteries which limits the life of an entire product. The mouthpiece is also built in and made of metal for pure-tasting vapor. One of the most attractive features of the Firefly is its glowing grate: two, actually, on each side. They expose the heating element as it glows red, but not enough for a finger to poke through.

Davinci AscentDavinci Ascent

The Davinci is good, but the Ascent is better. Portable like its brother, the Ascent has the look of a high-class gift with its glossy exterior, especially when you choose Burl Wood. The bottom portion rotates away from the base without detaching so you can fill, empty, and clean it easily.

Finding Quality Products

The reputations of products such as those listed above do a lot for their companies and also plenty for re-sellers who carry multiple brands and models. You will find that wherever a retailer sells fine products, he carries most if not all of these with all necessary pieces included (cleaning tools, screens, etc.). Alongside the best vaporizers you will also find that general retailers have the extras not supplied by manufacturers, such as plants and grinders.