Product Reviews & Giveaways

Hey brand managers!

Do I have your attention?

I’m doing a lot of neat stuff with my luxury product review site in 2014!

I’d like to do weekly giveaways of products, gift certificates, etc, etc.  The whole she-bang!

If this sounds like something of interest to you, please contact me here.

You’ll benefit from it via the following ways….

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Massive online presence
  • PR for your brand
  • Comments – each giveaway will receive feedback from people who have either used the product or people clamoring for the product!

I have focused on anti aging products in skin care, health, and beauty right away, because that’s who has contacted me so far.  But, I’m holding nothing back and will entertain options of any product or brand that adds value.  I always try to add something of serious value to the audience, such as a promotional code if possible.  We’re all about value shopping for luxury products here!

Thanks in advance, and to a great 2014!

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