By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Known in laboratories as Acetyl hexapeptide-8, Argireline is a cosmetics ingredient with anti-wrinkle properties.   

Argireline Before and AfterThis peptide gained worldwide notoriety in 2012 when the famous Dr. Oz ran an episode talking about using an eye cream with Argireline.

However, people in the know were formulating this ingredient in products years before this show ran.  

Namely, the maker’s of Elite Serum, a research-heavy company called SkinPro, had been using it in their product lines, which are wildly popular and considered the most effective on the market by many people who have used them.


This anti aging ingredient is made in Barcelona by research laboratory Lipotec.   Very few companies have the connection with Lipotec to import this highly sought after peptide.

Besides Dr. Oz, Argireline is being touted across the world as the best alternative to injections.  I’ve seen websites call it “botox in a cream form.”  

It’s certainly something only available in luxury brands, which is really my reason for talking about this but for my money, Elite Serum at $59 per month is the best Argireline cream out there and it doesn’t have that prohibitive price point.

Anti-Aging: The Pressure to Stay Young

In this cosmetic-driven world, aesthetics are everything. We’ve all heard that with age comes experience, yet instead of relishing the fine lines that are attributed to maturity, we feel the pressure to reverse this aging process with a myriad of cosmetic products.

In 2015, it’s estimated that the U.S. market for anti-aging cosmetics will grow to more than $114 billion, fuelled largely by the graceful aging of baby boomers.

While many cosmetic creams and dermatologist prescriptions claim to counter the signs of aging, these methods are often futile, expensive, and temporary at best.

To effectively reduce both fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, botox is often recommended. However, this alternative is also associated with a handful of drawbacks and expensive “retouching” visits that do not accommodate the average Joe Schmoe’s budget. That’s where the anti-aging, botox alternative, Argireline comes into play!

Touted as a “must have” by world-renowned physician, Dr. Oz, this snyhetic anti-wrinkle ingredient has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth around the eyes and forehead! Interested in learning more about this innovative new method? Take a peek at our latest infographic, for additional info!