Bellapulse Facial Cleansing Brush Review

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Facial cleansers like Bellapulse have rose in popularity as a large number of people are becoming aware of the disadvantages of not using one. Facial cleansers provide several benefits such as improved (healthier and softer) skin, restoration of a young and youthful appearance and others.

What Is Bellapulse?

BellaPulse Device

There may be no better way to deep clean your skin each morning and evening than using a facial cleansing brush like BellaPulse.

Skin Pro, a highly innovative cosmetic company, has manufactured Bellapulse. The device is manufactured in purpose built and large facilities that are monitored by the FDA. Bellapulse provides a complete and high quality facial cleansing system. Moreover, it is best suited for those who want to look younger, have a smooth and vibrant skin and most importantly for those who want to keep their face free from all kinds of harmful particles, germs, bacteria, dirt and other items the skin is exposed to.

How Does It Work?

The working mechanism of Bellapulse is fairly simple. In order to get started on it, you will need 2 AA batteries. After inserting the batteries, add in one of the brushes that come with the your purchase and then add cleanser. Switch Bellapulse on and with a circular hand motion, run the brush on your face. The key areas where Bellapulse is most effective include the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

Advantages Of Using Bellapulse

    • Makes the skin more youthful in appearance by making it healthier and smoother
    • Cleanses the skin better than any other cleaning method (wash, cleanse etc.)
    • Can be used two times through the day
    • Removes dirt particles extremely effectively allowing the skin to absorb moisturizers and lotions more promptly and efficiently
    • Extremely easy to use- no hassles involved
    • Comes with a complete set of brushes
    • Works well on all skin types
    • Can be used while showering as it is waterproof

BellaPulse Testimonial

**I found the above Bellapulse review on YouTube.  I thought it was a very good overview of the product so I posted it for everyone to see.


Bellapulse is priced at $89.95 but can be acquired on a 33% discount for $59.95. Interested buyers can place their orders on the company’s website and pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Bellapulse offers worldwide shipping and ships via FedEx or Priority Mail. With Bellapulse, users will get Bellapulse Body, exfoliating brush, massaging sponge, cleansing brush, storage cradle and massaging applicator. In addition, Bellapulse is offering the Exfoliating Cleanser Set, originally priced at $75 all for free. Skin Pro also offers lifetime guarantee on Bellapulse.


Skin acne, wrinkles, faded complexion, dull face are majorly caused by makeup or dirt that is left on our faces for too long if we don’t cleanse them properly. The problem is that even with a lot of washing, your skin will still have dust particles left on it. The truth is that washing, cleansing or even facials that we all pay for cannot clean the skin as deeply and thoroughly as facial cleansers like Bellapulse can. With Bellapulse, not only will you have an improved skin tone and a great skin overall, you will also get access to a full cleansing system that you can use at your own convenience. Bellapulse is also very affordable and more of a one time investment for those who are big on keeping their youthful look alive.

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