Elite Serum Rx

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

This is the product I use and recommend.  It’s called Elite Serum Rx.  (The Rx is the latest edition, the prior was called simply “Elite Serum” and most people know it by that name.)  If you scroll to the bottom I unveil a way you can save 33% on this top-selling luxury skin care product that focuses on dark circles, eye wrinkles, puffiness, fine lines, and discoloration.

What is New in the “Rx Edition”?

The popular eye serum is now even more powerful and effective with new effective ingredients and formula. The researchers have perfected the known formula to give you even more results with your anti-aging problems. The all new Elite Serum Rx is the same great anti-aging formula you have always loved but now with extra strength for quicker and better results.

Eye Serum Reviews – What is the Consensus?

Extensive feedback from users of the original under eye serum has enabled the researchers at the SkinPro labs to create a unique new formula. Here are the new ingredients that make it even better than before:

SYN-TC – The new synthetic peptide based complex is now a part of the advanced formula.  This new ingredient makes it possible for the serum to perform at an accelerated pace with high performance. This new ingredient alone contributes to massive Collagen I, II, II, IV, VII and XVII production in the skin for smooth, young and beautiful skin. The new ingredient has produced 2.5% better results for users who have used the new formula. Users claim to have gained a better overall appearance with smoother and softer skin especially around the eye area.

Elite Serum Review

Shown are two airless syringes. Note: these are not injections – the formula is dispensed through the airless pump tip for maximum control.

Inyline – this is another unique new solution in the improved eye serum. The added solution makes your wrinkles around the eyes go faster with better results. Inyline helps in blocking the agrin binding to help the muscles relax. With more muscle relaxation, more results are acquired.

Apart from the powerful new ingredients, the product still has the original ingredients to give you the right tools to fight aging problems. The original ingredients include:

  • Argireline
  • Snap – 8
  • Eyeliss
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Syn Coll
  • Green and Red Seaweed Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Is Elite the Best Eye Serum Available?

Elite Eye Serum

The innovative airless pump that resembles a syringe (without the pain!)

It’s five year reputation proceeds itself, and it’s gained cult-like notoriety by skin care enthusiasts, Mom bloggers, and health journalists.  This formula is the most effective and intensive anti aging formula available today simply because of the high end ingredients used in it. Also the fact that the serum is created and produced in a controlled environment in the USA is reason enough to believe in its high standard results. With the all new powerful ingredients, now you can get the same results you have always gained from the original formula but only this time the results appear faster, last longer, and are much more noticeable.

Savings Tip:

Okay, here’s my big news.  You can get Elite Serum for 33% off if you join the replenishment program.  When you do this, are mailed the product every 30 days, without having to repeatedly make orders or worry about ever running out.  When you do this, the company gives you a 33% price break from the original MSRP of $89.99.  This is a huge savings.  You don’t have to enroll in this program, but it really saves a lot of money if use it more than once.

Get it online at http://www.EliteSerum.com

The best part about this is that if you ever find you aren’t using the product as much as you thought, or if you only have very small problem areas and use less than most people (like me) you can simply contact the company and adjust your shipment frequency and they will continue to honor your VIP pricing and 33% savings!  That’s a pretty cool thing and I’ve already done this and found it to work out very well.  You will even have access to VIP pricing on other products offered by the parent company, Skin Pro, which boasts a catalog of over 30 anti aging skin creams.  They are high rated by the BBB and a very solid, reputable company.