Mia Clarisonic Review

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio


The Clarisonic Mia is a sonic facial cleanser. Unlike other cleansers, Mia comes with the unique and patented Sonic technology that facilitates 300 movements per second. Thus, Clarisonic Mia is faster in performance and far more effective than regular facial cleansers.

Who Is It For?

Clarisonic Mia is a best fit for all those who have been tirelessly looking for a long term solution to all skin related problems, people who want to reduce facial wrinkles, those who are tired of washing their faces many times a day but still not getting their desired look or simply those who are sick of getting facials, massages and have spent unlimited amounts of money on facial creams, toners and are dissatisfied with the results.


The Clarisonic Mia is an incredibly simple to use device. It is compact and comes packed with some amazing features that guarantee improvement in one’s skin and allows the skin to become youthful, brighter, vibrant and smooth.

The features of Clarisonic Mia include:

  • Sonic technology: Clarisonic Mia is the only facial cleanser that comes with Sonic technology. The technology makes the Mia faster and more effective as it produces 300 movements per second
  • Comes with a sensitive brush head, 1 oz. cleanser and universal voltage pLink charger
  • Water proof and rechargeable
  • 12 month warranty: The manufacturer offers 12 month warranty on any manufacture defect that might arise due to daily use of the product
  • 1 Speed and Speed 2: Clarisonic Mia features Speed 2 that is a universal speed designed to suit all skin types
  • Interchangeable Brushes: Users can put on different brush heads on the Clarisonic Mia to achieve different desired results
  • 90 day money back guarantee: Clarisonic Mia also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and ships freely. Thus, during any point in time within 3 months of purchase, if users are dissatisfied with the product, they can get their money back


There are many benefits of using Clarisonic Mia. Some of them include:

  • Reduces dry patches and oily areas
  • Blemishes the skin and makes it softer
  • Extremely more effective than regular face washing
  • Closes pores and therefore prevents dirt and other harmful radicals to settle in the skin
  • Increases skin softness
  • Can be used easily by those who have acne or other skin related problems
  • Works to reduce aging signs as well such as wrinkles
  • Significantly reduces skin marks
  • Doesn’t cause any allergies
  • Suitable for all skin types


The Clarisonic Mia can be purchased directly from the company’s official website or through eCommerce stores such as Amazon for $125. Included in the box are 1 sample cleanser (1oz.), 1 brush for sensitive skin types and universal pLink charger. Since Clarisonic Mia ships for free, users will not incur any extra charges on their purchase.


Clarisonic Mia is an economical and an extremely user friendly facial cleansing device that offers all the solutions you need to look younger and have an incredible skin.