Neck Cream Reviews

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Why on earth would you need a separate cream just for your neck?
Your about to find out.  I’ve uncovered a very slick product aimed at getting rid of neck wrinkles and the lines and sagging skin that are around the neckline.

I personally use it as part of my skin care regimen.  

It’s made by a company called Delfogo Skin Care – known for it’s dedication to scientific research and experiments performed in a controlled laboratory.  There are many neck creams for sale that claim to be the best neck cream, but when I tried this one, it worked – so I stopped doing any further reviews as I go by the motto “if it ain’t broke…..don’t try to fix it.”

Back to why we need to use such a product….

As we age, we reach for creams and treatments to help us look younger.  Often times, we go right for our facial wrinkles by using specialized wrinkle creams.   Sometimes, we use eye serums.  However, if we take one look in the mirror, we usually see an area that needs treatment above and beyond the other “problem areas” on our skin – the decollete.

Delfogo Neck Firming Cream

This is the best neck cream I’ve found.  I highly recommend it.

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Delfogo Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream

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Here’s why most of us find ourselves needing a specialized cream for the neck.

1.  When we grow up, we simply don’t cover our decollete area with sunblock or other products the way we do our face.

2.  Most of us, (I’m guilty of this) use sunblock on our face first, then our arms, then our legs, and if we are without a shirt, our backs.  Moreover, for the golfers out there, we normally cover our face in sunblock, then our legs, but OMIT the entire neck area.

“Turkey Neck” and It’s Causes

Do you ever wear a polo shirt and find the “Red V” of sunburn right in your neck area?  This is because you forgot to cover this area with sunscreen.  

It’s a very common mistake.  We’re all guilty of it.

turkey neck

A classic example of someone who didn’t put sunblock on the decollete area. A sure fire way to encourage “turkey neck.”

It’s important to treat this area because as we age, and take care of our faces with great anti aging products, we normally “age well” in our face, given we take care of it.  However, while our faces may look younger, our neck (decolette area) shows off our true age.

Do you ever see someone with flailing skin, wavering around in the wind like a turkey?

This is called “Turkey Neck.”  Turkey neck occurs when the skin on our necks suffer from too much damage.  The skin becomes weak and begins to wrinkle and become decrepit.

It’s for this reason that skin care companies have smartened up and started to produce targeted creams specifically for the thin skin on our necks.

Loose Skin around the neck

Lack of attention to skin care around the decollete can lead to sagging skin and the dreaded turkey neck pictured above.