By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

One of the more interesting stories out there is a new anti wrinkle ingredient called “Syn-ake.”

If you read that and immediately had visions of a snake, your brain is working properly.  :)

This synethic ingredient is made by PentaPharm, a Swiss company renowned for cutting edge ingredients.

I kept hearing about this ingredient and set out to find out more.  It turns out, this is the main ingredient in a new release by SkinPro called DNA Serum.  Having been a fan of their sister product, Elite Serum, I wasn’t shocked to find this product was getting rave reviews and media mentions.  I set out to look into this syn-ake ingredient a bit further.

This ingredient is a synthetic tri-peptide derivative that was developed based on snake venom research.  With a focus on neuromuscular activity, PentaPharm came up with this amazing snake-venom like compound and has had proven success in a controlled short term study.  The ingredient has smoothing and anti wrinkle properties.

It’s proven itself to attack expression lines by relaxing facial muscles.  This is similar to Waglerin 1, which is found in the Temple Viper.

To read a full downloadable PDF on Syn-ake, click here.  (Opens in new window.)