Vitamin C Serum

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

vitamin c

Not only is it delicious as a juice, but Vitamin C is also works wonders on your skin!

Lately, all the rage has been in using serums with vitamin c.  This new product by DelfogoRx, available exclusively on for only $29.95, is the most advanced vitamin c serum I’ve come across.

Update:  I accurately predicted on this page that it was an introductory price, and the product’s volume leading percentages of the below ingredients has made it a hot item.  The price is now $59.95, so hopefully some of you heard me earlier and took advantage of the savings!

Just look at how it compares to a top seller made by SkinCeuticals, which sells for a whopping $153!!!

  • 22% vitamin c (skinceuticals at 15%)
  • 0.8% feurilic acid (skinceuticals at 0.5%)
  • 2% viatmin e (skinceuticals at 1%)

This is a product you use all over your face to protect your skin from environmental factors, stimulate collagen (a must to age gracefully), and best of all, it stays on your skin once it’s absorbed.  That’s why many people are turning to high-end serums like this one, because while creams can wash away or wear off due to perspiration, a serum, once absorbed, is much more powerful, by all research I’ve come across.

You can read the details about it on’s marketplace, but for now, I want to talk about why vitamin C is such a buzzword in skin care review circles.

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

One quick look at the trending skin care products shows that vitamin c skin products are in high demand.

I was going to talk  about what makes vitamin c as a skin care ingredient so successful, and share my opinion on the benefits of adding a product with vitamin c to your regimen, but I think that Dr. Oz does a fantastic job of doing that so I instead posted below his exact quotes and findings on the power of this vitamin.

I first read about Vitamin C and it’s benefits on this Dr. Oz page.  (That’s the source of my below information.)

It talks about how to “drop a decade from your face.

His Secrets are outlined below.  This is perhaps the biggest buzz word and trend in skincare right now and it’s a must if you are looking to protect your skin from environmental factors like UV light and pollutants.