Vitamin E

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vitamin E is a fat dissolvable vitamin found naturally in many food items such as meat, eggs, fruits etc. But there are also many Vitamin E supplements found today, and it’s used in many skin care products like the Vitamin C Serum Review I just did for the one with the strongest amount of all the big natural nutrients that you’ll want in your skin product.

Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant and one of the most vital vitamins needed by the body, has many positive health implications and therefore, doctors advise consuming a certain amount of vitamin daily. Amongst the many benefits, some include:

  • Consumption of Vitamin E can help in preventing heart diseases as it prevents the blood arteries from hardening. Vitamin E also ensures smooth functioning of blood vessels that keeps one from major heart related diseases and other pains such as leg pain, chest pain and heart attack
  • Vitamin E also helps in preventing high blood pressure
  • According to studies, Vitamin E also helps in treating diabetic patients and the severe complications of the disease that may arise among sufferers
  • Vitamin E also used to prevent oral, lung, gastric, pancreatic and prostate cancer
  • The vitamin is also widely used for asthma, cataracts, skin disorders, impotence and for the prevention of many other allergies
  • It is also said to treat the brain and helps in improving the functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin E is said to positively impact the brain and helps the occurrence of restless leg syndrome, epilepsy, Alzheimer disease. It is also said to improve the overall well being of the nervous system and muscles
  • Vitamin E is also said to reduce the dangerous effects of radiation and dialysis
  • Vitamin E increases one’s energy levels and improves physical endurance- it is said to quickly repair the muscle damage from physical exercise
  • Many people use Vitamin E to improve their skin and treat it for aging signs
  • Vitamin E is also consumed by women during pregnancy and to lessen the effects of premenstrual syndrome