Wrinkle Cream Reviews

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Most people look high and low for the best wrinkle cream, and with good reason – facial wrinkles are a nasty reminder of how our skin ages and naturally consumers think wrinkle creams have the ability to effectively reduce their depth and make the skin look rejuvenated.  I’m sorry to tell you today that I read 100’s of wrinkle cream reviews and thought I could find that all around best anti wrinkle cream, but every one of them failed.

I was turned on to Vitamin C, and if you pay attention the the media, you’ve probably seen wrinkle creams get replaced by this more natural, much more effective solution to anti aging.

Let’s face it, no matter what our age, we are all concerned with the appearance of facial wrinkles.  For this reason, the number of cosmetic procedures seems to grow every year.  There are invasive procedures, non-invasive procedures, and procedures that make people jump on planes to see specialists overseas!

Well, not me.  I stick with high-impact, well-researched products -that get results.  No needles for me.  No flying to Dubai (although I’d love to.)  No pain.  

Today I’d like to highlight two skin products I wholly recommend to help you reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.  Of course, always on point with my mission, one is a BUDGET product, and the other is a bit more on the luxury side because it comes with a serious track record and many more imported peptides.

Best Wrinkle Cream

Vitamin C Serums are among the most in demand in the skin care industry because they provide so much protection to the skin.

If you are on a budget, and want a full face wrinkle treatment as well as overall rejuvenatory wrinkle serum, then use a Vitamin C skin product.  These are ALL the rage, and I am sure you have seen the benefits of vitamin C talked about on all the big talk shows.  Everyone from Dr. Oz to just about every tabloid you can view at checkout of your grocer will have an article about how vitamin c serums are the hottest thing in skin rejuvenation in 2014 – they’ve replaced the best wrinkle creams in many people’s skin care arsenal.

Why is Vitamin C Replacing Wrinkle Creams?

This one pictured is currently the most potent vitamin C serum available.  And if you click THIS LINK it’s available for just the price of shipping for a limited time.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

The highest level of Vitamin C You will Find in 2014. Click this image to see how you can get one for FREE.

It’s for sale on Amazon.com at the link below, but this Risk Free Trial link gives it to you for just the price of shipping.

Amazon listing is below:

Best Vitamin C Serum (Industry Leading 22% Concentration of Vitamin C) + Ferulic Acid (0.8%) + Vitamin E (2%) Serum + Pure Hyaluronic Acid – Delivers the Most Potent and Advanced Protection Against Photoaging by Neutralizing Free Radicals and Boosting Collagen Synthesis – Provides Unmatched Antioxidant Protection and More Youthful Looking Skin – The Only Defense Against Environmental Aging

Here’s a Recent YouTube Testimonial

Now, if you are looking for something a little more luxury that focuses on eye wrinkles and other signs of aging around the eyes like dark under eye circles, bags, puffiness, and sagging skin, then please continue to read the below information.  If you are into a full face rejuvenation serum, loaded with antioxidant protection and full of defense to help you age more gracefully and take care of depleting collagen, then just click the link above and know that you are getting the most powerful vitamin c serum on the planet.

A little bit of information about science and how it’s impacted the wrinkle cream industry.

Since science has dramatically improved over the years, it’s become very trendy to buy a wrinkle cream packed with peptides.  Since there really isn’t a prescription product for wrinkles, the anti aging products for sale today use peptides, the next best thing to treat your skin with.  I’ve had experiences with several of these skin creams and serums, and my experiences are conveyed weekly on my blog.

This is for consumers, by a consumer. I’m not a professional of any sort. I’m not a licensed dermatologist nor esthetician.  Just an every day person with a hobby of blogging and sharing my experiences.  I took to the web and read anti wrinkle cream reviews for so many of these products promising the world, only to be pure garbage.  I tried the “free trial wrinkle creams” and got burnt there as well.

For my money, there is no better product out there than the Elite Serum.  If you follow that link you’ll find my full review of what this topical anti aging serum does to not only eye wrinkles, but also dark under eye circles, crow’s feet, bags and puffiness alike.

Elite Serum Rx Edition

Since 2009, Elite Serum has been among the best selling eye products.

Though not a cream formula, I’ve found anti aging serums have more of the potent peptides in them – I’m not sure why, but Dr. Oz recommended Argireline serum, so when I read that the maker’s of Elite Serum Rx were pioneers in using that ingredient, I gave it a shot.   If you read my review you’ll also find out how to save 33% on ALL of your purchases if you buy direct.

Visit them online at http://EliteSerum.com