The Best 100 Watt Box Mods

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

When Innokin and friends released variable wattage devices that ran up to 15 watts, the vaping world rejoiced. They thought this was the most consistent performance they had ever enjoyed from a variable electronic device. Then 20 watt, 30 watt, and later 50 watt models came in.

Certain low-watt devices could support sub-ohms but just barely. Suddenly there was room to grow: vapor, that is. Plumes are enriched by all of the sub-ohm happiness spreading around the vaping world, thanks to box mods. Now with 100 watt mods, ohms can virtually do a figurative limbo: that’s how low they can go.

Why Bother?

Some eGo users say the same thing: why are vapers spending $100 on APVs. Personal taste leads consumers down different paths. Numerous individuals have turned vaping into a hobby and they take interest in the relationships between vapor, throat hit, flavor, and power.

Stacked Batteries

You must be sure your device is ready to handle the tasks you plan to set it. Create maximum power with two stacked 18650 batteries. Without them, your watt limit will be lower and ohms rating will be higher. You can still vape at sub-ohms but you will not be using your 100 watt device to its fullest capacity.

The Best 100 Watt Box Mods Revealed

Actually, there isn’t too much choice in this category. Short of making your own box cig with DIY material (which a lot of experts accomplish, thanks to DIY stores selling everything from button mounts to chips), customers are going to choose between 3 or 4 likely looking devices. One warning is not to buy an unknown device from a guy who knows a guy or is selling box mods out of his shed. Purchase from a vapor store you trust and look for a warranty. Read as much about the device and how it works as you can so you can spot a phony and ask the right questions.

Sigelei 100 Watt

Somehow Sigelei manages to keep the price low at $100 to $120 for their version of the 100 watt box mod. This device features 3 buttons. One large button fires your mod. The other two increase or decrease watts. Buttons are placed along a side of the box next to a narrow screen. It is small but still easy to read, with watts in the largest font, a symbol showing battery charge, and volts stacked over ohms next to the wattage value.

Customers are recommended to select 30-Amp batteries which, together, will create a range of 10 to 100 watts and 7.4-volt output. The Sigelei chip detects resistance, which can be as low as 0.15 ohms without trouble if your settings are right. The chip also protects against reverse polarity, low resistance, and a short circuit. If you wonder what the slim gaps in your case are for, they are essential for venting the battery which will overheat without ventilation.

SmokJoy 100W

This device for $149.99 is virtually the same. The maker is emphatic that it does not contain a Yihi chip but does not say what chip will be found inside the device. Instead of mounting the screen and buttons along one narrow side, screen and buttons feature on the face of this device which gives more room for an enlarged TFT display. Threading is flush against the top and rated for 510 tanks or rebuildable atomizers. Most tanks (Aspire, Kanger, etc.) and RDAs should fit here. Sides are angled to create an unusual appearance. Choose blue, gold, black, red, or silver aluminum.

Pioneer4You IPV3

An earlier version of the IPV was released just a little while ago, and that 50 watt box mod by Pioneer4You is still selling well. If you have any technical know-how, it’s not a big job to replace the chip on your existing mod. But it might mean reconfiguring to accommodate that second battery, which is necessary. Consumers have upgraded devices many times before. Having blown the chip one way or another, they purchased this single piece without having to buy an entirely new box mod. A greater variety of chips is being made by several manufacturers. Pioneer4You advertises the upgradeable nature of their product.

The lowest resistance their chip will accept is 0.1 ohm, so if you can wrap a coil to that kind of nominal resistance go for it. There have been reports of box mods advertising a minimum level but malfunctioning at this point, but I have also seen companies take responsibility and fix those devices free of charge. Be clear about your warranty. Pioneer4You is an affordable, reputable company in this business so you should be safe buying your mod from one of their distributors.

It acts the way the items above acts: with resistance-detection, safety features, a wide wattage range, and a display screen. The IPV3 looks a lot like a Sigelei in that buttons and screen are mounted along a narrow side. The buttons are different: three small domed, metal buttons flush with the surface.