The Best 30 Watt Box Mods

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Box mods capable of 50 to 100 watts are trickling into the market. In the meantime, there are many smaller, more affordable mods which are also realistic devices for the average vaper and are now common enough to be into a second or third version.

The Innokin iTaste MVP is one such example. Between those devices is a handful of e cigs that look like control units for radio controlled boats or small radios: 30 Watt Box Mods. Here is a list of some you will find, but be forewarned: their shape lends this style of device to plentiful cloning, some of it not just inferior but dangerous. You are always best purchasing an e cig mod through a registered supplier, whether in person or over the internet. Clones might be alright: it depends who did the cloning.

DNA 30 Watt Box Mod

The DNA 30 climbs from 7 to 30 watts by 0.1-watt increments at your bidding under the power of an 18650 battery. This device is removable so as to prolong the life of your mod. Those content to use the DNA 30 after the battery has charged one last time simply replace the battery and continue using their device.

It locks and unlocks with five quick clicks of the button and the screen turns off to achieve “stealth mode” or when you turn it off except to show that your DNA 30 is “locked,” thus saving power. Your mod will also turn off if there is a short circuit so as to protect the atomizer you have attached. Internet suppliers charge around $100 for a package with a USB cable and battery plus vaporizer.

Looking For Even More Wattage?

Check out the VaporFi 50 watt mod:

VaporFi VOX 50 Watt Box Mod


Hana Modz/Hana Clone: $75 to $200

There are differing opinions about the Hana Modz: that it is the best thing since High-vegetable glycerin e-juice or that spending $200 is a waste of money. “Buy a clone” some people insist. You will still enjoy full power for less cost.

Come to your own conclusions about this theory based on reviews. The Hana Modz and clones contain a 2400-mAh LiPo battery. Your device is compact but brightly finished in colors like blue, black, green, orange, or red. A highly compatible 510 connector accepts atomizers to as low a resistance as 0.4 ohms.

Cloupor 30 Watt Mod

A 510-threading port and the domed button are both flush on the Cloupor which works with resistance from 0.3 to 3.3 ohms. These sub-ohm figures are meaningful to vapers because as resistance lowers, they achieve higher temperatures without increasing voltage. The Cloupor resembles those devices above and, like the Hana Modz, has a built-in battery. The internal chip prevents damage to the battery from overcharging.

HCigar DNA 30

HCigar makes some of the finest clones in the e cig industry, be it a mechanical mod or one of these which mimics a popular box-shaped e cig. For about $100, you receive a reliable device that rises at 0.1-watt increments to 30 watts and also accepts 0.5 to 3.3 ohms resistance. There is no reverse battery protection but you can use this box-style electronic cig as a pass-through battery.

Voltage, ohms, and wattage all come upon the screen unless you turn it to stealth mode. As is typical of this style of electronic cigarette, the body is made of aluminum: 6061 Billet aluminum, in this case. As a result, it looks heavy and powerful but is really quite light.