The Best 50 Watt Box Mods

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you had to hazard a guess as to where most e cigs come from, always say “China.” This is where most of them are produced, though not always the location where they are designed.

Some have been devised by American e cig companies too. The Vox by VaporFi is one such device. Sigelei and Pioneer4You 50 watt box mods, however, originate in China. These three are among the best such devices money can buy.

Features of the Best 50 Watt Box Mod

Each of these items has its selling features, but here are some things you should keep in mind. One is whether the battery is built in or removable. The latter is more convenient as this makes it possible to replace a dead battery.

The inclusion of a built-in charging port does not automatically mean the battery is also built in. With a 50 watt device, the lowest is usually 7 watts. Sub-ohm vaping is not just possible but encouraged: why else offer such high wattage? Sub-ohm resistance is the major advantage of a 50 watt box mod.

Otherwise, the major features of note are part of the chip which you cannot see, but the results of this small item’s hard work are visible on the OLED screen. Here you see how the chip reads volts, watts, and resistance.

It also determines the battery’s charge level and detects the potential for damage caused by a battery that is about to run out of power permanently (low volts), over-discharge, a reversed battery, and resistance below the minimum.

VaporFi Vox 50 ModVaporFi Vox 50 Box Mod

The latest of many VaporFi e cig feats, a Vox 50 will blow your mind. It mixes the shapes of tubular and box cigs, actually, so that instead of a straight box there are soft curves alongside the corners.

This stainless device offers a bright OLED screen which will show you values of 0.2 to 3 ohms.

VaporFi always makes e cigs that are compatible with almost all of their blank tanks and other models by Kanger, Aspire, etc. The same is true of Vox 510 threading. Use it with one of the clearos or tanks which would come with a starter kit for their Pulse, Rocket, Pro, etc.

The one downside of the VaporFi Vox 50 Box Mod is that it isn’t cheap, though that is the exchange for brand name quality. At least you can buy one directly from VaporFi. Most others are carried by authorized resellers.


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iPV2 by Pioneer4YouiPV2 by Pioneer4You

Now that Pioneer4You has designed 100 and 150 watt examples of their industrial-looking device (available in black or stainless), you might not think it worth messing around with a mere 50 watts. That would be silly if you are not into 0.2-ohm vaping. The lower price of a 50 watt iPV2 is worth noting.

Adjust the 510 pin and you can use it with most brands and models of tanks, clearos, and rebuildable atomizers. It doesn’t even matter what their dimensions are: this is a box mod. You aren’t trying to line up the battery with a tank.

With an iPV2, you need to insert an 18650 battery (not included) but it only costs about $80 to $100. You can take the battery out and charge it separately, after which it will give you enough power to vape for several days if you turn your mod off when it is not in use.



Sigelei Box Mod

Just about everything mentioned about the iPV2 goes for the Sigelei, including the price. They even look much the same but Sigelei mods are little more expensive. The length is about 3 inches so this is not monster. DNA 50 box mods are discrete and light.


VaporFi VOX 50 Watt Box Mod


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