Vaping Pens

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Looking for the best vaping tanks, pens, e-liquids and mods money can buy?

This industry has officially ARRIVED, and with the advancements in technology, it’s here to stay.

Once you’ve started to embrace e-cigarettes like I do, you’re likely next going to be on the market for more advanced vaping devices to take things to the next level, and I have an awesome suggestion!

My Top 3 Pens

For E-Juice

VaporFi Platinum ProThe Vapor Fi Platinum Pro Tank System

This is such a beautiful, yet simple device.

Literally just fill and go, nothing else to do, but make sure you have e-liquid in it (which you can see through the view window), and charge the battery…even I can remember to do that…most of the time ;)

This is their top seller, and there is a more simple Pro which you can choose in a variety of pretty colors :)


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For Dry Herb

Vaporfi OrbitThe VaporFi Orbit

Yes they can be your one-stop shop!

I know this is slightly bigger than your typical pen size, but check this thing out for your herbal vaporizing needs!

It is a very simple device, easy to use, and very powerful (I have heard people say they wish they knew about this when they bought a more expensive device, like The Pax…and it looks JUST LIKE the G Pro – here’s the AWESOME DIFFERENCE: you can get 12% off the Orbit :)


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3-in-1 – E-liquids, Wax and Herbs …Oh My!

V2 Pro Series 3The V2 Pro

This is a beautiful device, unlike any other, with megnetic connections for BOTH the battery and the tank or cartridges.

This is the first of a line of 3 very advanced devices in the Pro Series Line, and is a really sweet portable vaporizer, no matter what your needs are.

It has some high tech stuff that senses what you put in it, to make sure it heats things just up right, whether you are using e-juice, or dry herb, isn’t that so cool?


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Here I will be adding some more of my favorites as I too delve into more products, and hopefully I can send along some helpful insights to you along the way ;)

E-Liquid Vaporizer Pens:

First, check out this new release:

The South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Pen Builder!

South Beach Smoke Customizeable Vape Pens

Just head over to and pick out your battery and tank, and voila: your own custom built vaporizer.

Couple Quick Tips:

For Newbs

If you’re new, and stumbled across this page first, check out my reviews of the best e-cig brands here.


For advanced personal vaporizers, tank systems, and e-liquids, there is one company that stands out from the rest, and has all the above, and more! They have a beautiful line of tank systems, advanced mods, as well as your basic e-cigs, and the largest selection of vapor juice on the planet!

They are Vapor Fi, and I love them!

You can check them out at




Rooting Out The Top Ten Vape Pens

Vape pens are so common now you can’t tell if someone is vaping herbs or e liquids. Batteries are the same size and cartridges are often the same between e cigs and vaporizers. Like e cigs, vape pens can also be plagued by the problems of poor manufacture.

Thousands come out of China monthly, many of them unequal to the task before them. They can be a waste of money and sometimes even dangerous, but you can avoid being conned by seeking out only devices from particular manufacturers; those that can be trusted to give you good vapor, decent battery life, tasty vapor, and look stylish while doing it all.

Top 10 Pen Vaporizers

This list will change soon because a new vape pen will be introduced every so often and recently launched products will prove their worth. For now, here is a list of ten pens that should serve you well.

If one you thought would do nicely is not listed here, it might still be a decent product, perhaps number 11. It might also have been left out for lack of information or because of certain reports coming to this writer’s attention too often, like a device that routinely burns herbs. Your herbs should not burn with a good vape pen. If that happens, your pen is not a vaporizer at all.

The list I’ll be discussing includes the Silver Surfer VIP, V2 Cigs Pro Series 3, Grenco Science G-Pen, and BHolt. Take a look at the Pulsar Vortex, Delta 9 Persei, and the Omicron by the same company. White Rhino’s Trifecta is a contender, as are the 710 Pen and Vapor Brothers The Dabbler.

PerseiCalifornia Pen Pair

Delta 9 is responsible for developing two pens on this list: the Persei and Omicron.

Both come out at or near the top in a study of pen vapes by experts. Sturdy build, ease of use, and excellent flavors are three features they share.

The Persei is a 3-in-1 vape, something we will meet again in this article. These devices vaporize herbs, waxes, and e liquids with only the switch of a cartridge.

It’s light, tough, and operates at 110 volts or 220 volts. There is no cotton in the atomizer, only stainless steel, which leaves nothing to burn. The Persei requires just 6 seconds to heat up to 400F+.

The Omicron is relatively large; too long to fully disguise in one’s hand. While this is a weakness in one sense, the Omicron is another sturdy device from Delta 9. It contains a removable, rechargeable battery and features a locking mechanism (5 clicks on and off) so you cannot accidentally activate the atomizer.

MicroG PenThe Micro-G

This vaporizer pen from Grenco Science is much smaller, but not unique.

Many pens have been made a similarly small shape.

There are versions for wax and for herbs: just check out the variety at Grenco Science.

It’s easy to assemble and take apart and has an attractive price.

Trifecta by White RhinoTrifecta by White Rhino

There are loads of different colors available for the Trifecta so this could be a snappy dresser or a modest mod, as you wish.

White Rhino made sure this one could do three jobs in one package: vaporize herbs, waxes, or e liquids.

Like the Persei, a Trifecta is light, easy to use, but reasonably sturdy. It comes apart into 3, 4, or 5 parts depending on the configuration used.

There is the battery, mouthpiece, and cartridge, but for herbs you need the glass screen to prevent burning.

Waxes require a filling tool. White Rhino has been around for a few years.

Behold the BHolt

Made in Oregon, the BHolt provides the clean flavors of glass on glass; something you might not have dared expect from a pen vape. While you have to be careful with a pen made from so much fragile material, the flavor will be incomparable. Use this one for oil or wax.

710 Pen

A lot of customers think the LED display on a vaping pen is fun and contemporary, as though products must perform better for having them. The 710 boasts a screen, but it is there to show data, not so the user can control settings. Vapor from the 710 Pen is consistent and heats up in only seconds. Use the 710 Pen for oils or waxes. This one, by the way, really looks like a fancy pen with a special pen cap.

The DabblerThe Dabbler by Vapor Brothers

They are known for their box mod, but Vapor Brothers keeps up with the times.

Trust their lengthy reputation and try The Dabbler: a dab-pen with a ceramic heating element designed in the United States.

Its rechargeable battery is charged internally.

Vapor Brothers has once again made vapor affordable.

Silver Surfer VIPSilver Surfer VIP

The company behind Silver Surfer, an attractive and successful tabletop vape, now brings customers a portable pen vape: the VIP.

Lots of add-ons are available as always with these guys, so your affordable device could become a money pit, but that’s only if you want tons of extras.

Without them, this device still performs well using quality parts.

At 7th Floor, they claim that many companies cut corners, something they don’t do, so customers are sure of receiving top quality products.

V2 Pro Series 3V2 Cigs Pro Series 3

Hardly any vaporizer has been as eagerly anticipated as the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3.

It breaks boundaries and changes the game by using a magnetic connection instead of threads.

Although there is a downside to this (that is, lack of compatibility), nothing could be easier than sliding a cartridge into place atop the battery and waiting for the power source to automatically register which atomizer is being attached.

The Pro Series 3 accepts cartridges for essential oils, loose herbs, and e liquid.

Pulsar Vortex

This one sounds dangerous and space-aged, but it’s really there to make smoking healthier. A battery light indicator tells you when the rechargeable battery needs boosting. Ten-second automatic shut-off prevents overheating. The Vortex locks so you can’t accidentally burn yourself or even just waste the battery. At 5″, it is a little longer than some, but still compact.

Understanding And Choosing Vape Mods

Vaping is a term used to describe what you are doing when you puff on an electronic cigarette. It can’t be termed “smoking” because no smoke is produced. Vaping comes from the term “vaporize” because, in an electronic cigarette, liquid is heated until it becomes vapor.

Mods are modifiable electronic cigarettes. What exactly is being modified? Depending on the model, this could be voltage and/or wattage, atomizer resistance, and air flow. There are also versions that accept various sizes of batteries.

Two Types of Advancement

If you are considering buying an APV or Vape Mod, then you need to know a few things first. One is that an electronic APV with variable voltage is controlled by the battery, which is also the vaping unit. A tank such as a Vivi Nova or Kanger Protank is separate.

With a mechanical mod, the unit is not electronic. It possesses air holes and a connector pin, but the battery is not the mod and is added later along with a tank, usually a tank atomizer (a tank and heat source combined).

Reasons to Buy Advanced Models

A lot of consumers use cigalikes, which are electronic vaping pens to introduce smokers to vaping. The name “cigalike” refers to the way they resemble cigarettes in their weight, size, and sometimes color. These have short-life batteries and cartomizers and produce minimal to medium vapor.

The next choice would be a battery that is too long to look like part of a regular cigarette and attaches to a clear or aluminum tank with a mouthpiece. It really cannot be passed off as a cigarette anymore and starts to arouse curiosity, especially when people see the liquid inside the tank.

Controlling either of these items is simple. A cigalike operates by puffing or you can buy a manual style where you press the button to heat e-juice so it is warm before you take a puff. There is immediate vapor. You cannot adjust the temperature of an eGo device or cigalike unless you have the option to change voltage and/or resistance, so they are inexpensive kits.

An advanced model gives you the option to adjust voltage. The most basic style of APV is a spinner battery. Voltage values are etched into the edge of the battery beneath which is the dial you turn to select a number. You would consider this a basic unit because without a screen you cannot be sure the battery is doing what you tell it to do.

Truly advanced APVs are protected against a short circuit, reverse battery, over-heating, and more. A tiny LED screen, in spite of its size, shows details of battery power and voltage. High-quality items are self-regulating so that they do not become inaccurate during the life of a battery.

An advanced personal vaporizer typically provides 900mAh of power or better, with some over 2000mAh. That makes for tons of vapor besides the ability to change temperature and resistance so that nicotine juice tastes as clean and flavorful as possible.

The resistance of your vaporizer is controlled within the atomizer or heating element powered by the battery. A coil-wrapped wick affects how much resistance there is and, therefore, how hot the atomizer can become. The ability to control resistance is not intrinsic to an APV but is part of the way an atomizer is made, and not all atomizers are created to be rebuilt. If yours is rebuildable, save money by replacing the coil and wick instead of disposing of the whole piece when it is dirty or ineffective.

Vape Mods

A mechanical mod is something different again. The atomizer can be adjusted for higher or lower resistance, often even lower than that from an electronic device. Since there is no circuitry, voltage cannot be changed, but you can select a particular size of battery to change the interplay between power and resistance. Air flow can also be changed on many such devices.

What some users like best about mechanical mods is that the battery is a separate part, so when it is no longer rechargeable, the original model still functions. In fact, many models are made to be rebuilt from the center pin to the power button, with springs and button heads sold online. The most prestigious models are too expensive for any but the most serious vapers.

Buying Vape Mods

There are loads of places selling vape mods in both APV and mechanical styles. Your local brick-and-mortar store carries at least a few in most cases. A number of shops specialize in selling mechanical devices. This latter group is also divided, with some companies refusing to sell more affordable clones of boutique models, some mixing authentic with clones, and still other shops devoted to clones only.

Online stores enable the shopper to select a product available anywhere in the country so that he is not reliant on whatever hardware his local vape shop carries. These online vendors are particular about carrying not only vaping electronics and mods but also compatible tanks, RBAs, RDAs (dripping atomizers), mouthpieces, rebuildable pieces, and other miscellaneous parts.

Prices of Vape Mods

You can spend anything from about $30 for a spinner battery without the tank to over $200 for a mechanical mod from Greece without an atomizer tank. There are kits from Innokin, such as the MVP, that comes with several pieces, including a clearomizer, for about $60. Vicious Ant sells high-priced mods but HCigar manufactures clones that resemble boutique devices for less than half the price.