V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit Review

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

For weeks, V2 Cigs customers and consumers who have their ears glued to the latest vaporizer technology have been waiting for the release of V2’s latest product. The V2 Pro Series 3 is a revolutionary new device unlike any other pen-style vaporizer. It has a lot in common with electronic cigarettes and still plenty in common with vaporizers, yet it is both and neither.

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Why Now?

Why did V2 Cigs decide now was a good time to release a pen-style vaporizer? In essence, they have gone one better: V2 Cigs has released an eGo electronic cigarette too. The power and size of this item is considerably greater than that of a mini cig although it is portable, light, and discrete.

Today’s consumer is interested in pen-style herbal vaporizers as opposed to bulky machines. They are far more convenient for traveling than their heavier tabletop counterparts. Purchasing and maintaining one is easier and cheaper too.

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit Review

The Pro Series 3 will be followed by Series 7 and Series 9 in the fall and winter, but for now this 3-in-1 device will do nicely. V2 has developed a machine that works with e-liquids, essential oils, and herbs.

You don’t need to turn dials and set the temperature. The machine changes temperature when it senses which type of cartridge is being attached. Just put the two parts together and they will magnetically attach, allowing the battery to get to work.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Check Your Ego
Magnetic Attraction

Most e cigs and vaporizer bases attach to the tank by screwing together. The V2 Pro Series 3 requires no effort to put together or take apart. Let the magnet do its work. All three cartridges look alike but are created to accept just one type of material. The charging cord also attaches magnetically. Right now the e-liquid and herbal cartridges are available. An essential oils cartridge will be released in the winter.

V2 Pro Series 3The Collection

A simple kit costs $62.26 but only contains one cartridge (for e-liquids), the base, and a USB charger. Customize your kit by adding a wall adapter and a loose leaf cartridge. The cartridge costs $25.93 (the same price an essential oils cartridge will cost) and a wall adapter is priced $10.33 (add another USB for the same price). The cleaning kit is $10.37.

Don’t forget to keep your vaporizer clean. This will protect internal parts from clogging, prevent herbs or e-liquid from becoming tainted, and generally prolong the life of your 3-in-1 vaporizer.

Lighting the Way

V2 Cigs always does things professionally and stylishly. Their EX series e cigs and Vapor Couture are examples of style combined with functionality.

The Pro Series 3 in black, blue, or steel features an LED light which forms a ring around the base of the battery. This will emit a colored light according to your battery charge.

When it is black, that means the device is turned off. A red light shows that the battery is charging. When the light is green, you know it is charged and ready to go. When the USB port is on, it glows solid blue.

V2 Pro CollectionMore Series to Come

The Pro Series 3 is the tip of V2 Cigs vaporizing ice berg. Series 7 will introduce variable voltage and temperature control. Series 9 introduces these features plus an LED screen.

Essentially, V2 Cigs is entering the APV market and the vaporizer market at the same time because these two items are also for use with all three types of cartridges. So, although they automatically set to the correct temperature by sensing which cartridge is in place, the consumer can override the battery’s smart technology to set temperature and voltage independently.

This is functional beyond the consumer’s wildest dreams. Even if anyone had ever thought of a 3-in-1 vaporizer, the magnetic attachment and the fact that ever-reliable V2 Cigs led the way makes this deal even better.

Tongues Wagging

People are talking excitedly about the V2 Pro Series 3. Is it worth the chatter? Is this really anything new? Actually, yes it is. No other company has created something as high-tech and user-friendly as their 3-in-1 vaporizer.

What about the price? Is it competitive? A single complaint is that the starting price is deceptive. The Pro Series 3 starts at $62.26, but that does not include three cartridges or even 2. It’s merely compatible with all three.

But would you be suspicious of the quality of a Pro Series 3 if it cost just $60 and contained so much? Most pen-style vaporizers are priced even higher than this.

Where Do You Get the Materials?

V2 Cigs plans to carry some herbal products in the future. Right now they only carry e-liquid, and they have a lot of that to offer. Check the specifications on the e-liquid tank: most liquids will be acceptable, but ensure that thicker vegetable glycerin-heavy liquids will be alright and that you do not have to avoid liquids that crack tanks.

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